Monster Hunter Globe: Iceborne – How to Craft the Very best Weapons – Guide


Monster Hunter World Iceborne Best Weapons

How do you get the finest weapons in Monster Hunter Globe: Iceborne? The expansion’s highest ranked weapons are also the hardest to craft. Quite a few Rarity 12 weapons in certain call for very uncommon supplies from some of the game’s most effective monsters.

This guide does not include story-associated Monster Hunter Globe: Iceborne spoilers, but it does detail the expansion’s endgame.

How do you craft the finest weapons in Monster Hunter Globe: Iceborne?

As with crafting any gear in Monster Hunter, you are gonna need to have the ideal supplies to craft Iceborne’s finest weapons — it is just that really getting these super uncommon supplies is going to take some time.

The very first point you are going to need to have to do is beat Iceborne’s story. After you have observed the credits roll, you are going to unlock the Guiding Lands. Right after this, you just need to have to perform on growing your Master Rank.

At set points, your Master Rank will quit growing, and you are going to be provided a new assigned quest. Total these quests anytime they pop up, and you are going to break by means of the Master Rank cap.

Now here’s the point: these assigned endgame quests can function brand new monsters. It really is really most likely that if you nonetheless have unknown supplies listed when you are attempting to craft Rarity 11 or Rarity 12 weapons, it is these undiscovered monsters that have them.

In quick, if you cannot come across the supplies you need to have, you have just gotta preserve grinding that Master Rank in order to unlock new monsters to hunt. You are going to get there sooner or later.

After you have lastly crafted your weapon of selection, you can then augment it to make it even far more productive. Click right here for a complete guide on how to augment your weapons.


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