Fly your flag with Gears 5’s multiplayer LGBTQ Pride banners


LGBTQ players can be loud and proud when throwing down in Gears 5’s multiplayer, thanks to a quantity of pride flags from across the spectrum that will be obtainable for use.

Twitter user akkii! (via PCGamer – cheers!) created note of the inclusive banners, their tweet sparking a wave of celebration of Gears 5’s representation. Users were elated that their specific colours have been amongst the selectable possibilities – and even Sea of Thieves fans are having a nod. The iconic pride rainbow can be chosen, amongst a range of other folks celebrating bi, trans, asexual, gender non-binary, polysexual, and far more identities and orientations. There are 19 such flags in total.

The banners do need to have to be unlocked by means of the game’s crafting program. Crafting points are earned by playing, and even even though there are so several, unlocking them will not take extended. Your selected banner is then flown behind your character following a multiplayer match finishes if you have accomplished one thing notable, like topping the scoreboard.

This is a modest but lovely gesture from developer The Coalition and publisher Microsoft. Gaming is not usually a welcoming location for persons of diverse sexualities and genders, and these banners are a way of welcoming these players and validating their identities.

It is specifically good to see from a series that is generally been believed of as purely hyper-masculine, as well.

You can fly your flag in Gears five when it formally launches on September six.

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