Alien Horror Game The Peterson Case Retitled As soon as Upon A Time In Roswell


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The Peterson Case, the 1947 Roswell-set alien horror game created by
Quarter Circle Games and initial announced in February 2018, has been retitled As soon as Upon A Time In Roswell and will be published by tinyBuild, the publisher announced. It is planned for release across PlayStation four, Xbox A single, and Computer in late 2020.

Watch the As soon as Upon a Time in Roswell Reveal Trailer:

Right here is an overview of the game, through its Steam web page:

About As soon as Upon A Time In Roswell

You appear at the case files strewn across your desk, the green lamp illuminating the coffee stains that disfigure the wood. The radio plays the news quietly in the background. The Peterson Family… missing for more than a week no trace, small proof. Passed from 1 detective to a different, ultimately coming to rest in peace on your desk.

Going more than the paperwork, a thing gnaws at you individuals do not just disappear into thin air. Anything is usually left behind. We usually leave a thing behind.

The radio picks up, however a different tale of small green guys and flying saucers. You inform your self it is a load of baloney, but truthfully it creeps you out as significantly as every person else. Closing the case files, you choose up your hat and prepare your self. This afternoon you are going to The Peterson’s house to conduct a final search. Your intention to obtain them… dead or alive.

As soon as Upon A Time In Roswell is a initial-particular person psychological horror game. Delve deep into the strange planet of Roswell, New Mexico as you embark on an investigation to obtain a loved ones who have been missing for much more than a week. Uncover horrific flashbacks of war, and beings not of this earth. Recognize the terrible truth that has consumed the Peterson Family members, while you stroll by way of their ever-altering house and memories, battling your personal identity and objective.

Crucial Options

Discover a deep story – From the streets of Paris to the mines of Roswell, traverse by way of wealthy and atmospheric environments.

Investigate – Locate proof and play by way of various memories of what could have occurred to the loved ones.

Survive – Sneak previous and survive numerous enemies that may well want much more than your life.

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