Weekly Retro Rundown – Lemmings Overview


It is that time after once again, to take a appear at the game we played on the Weekly Retro Showcase stream final Sunday. This time, the game that was selected was Lemmings, especially the Sega Master Technique version of the game.

I had only ever played the MegaDrive version myself and that was when I was a really young lad who just made use of it to make the lemmings fall off cliffs. So I was rather intrigued to see how properly I could do when really playing the game effectively.

So, let’s take a appear at what I believed of Lemmings for the Sega Master Technique.

1st Impressions

When I 1st began up Lemmings, I was instantaneously smiling due to the title screen’s music. It had a strange sense of nostalgia in spite of never ever playing the game on that program. That is a single factor I can undoubtedly say Lemmings does properly the soundtrack. It is just adequate to add to the enjoyment of the game with no getting as well in your face (or ears).

Then, as I began the game up effectively, moving passed the title screen, I was shocked at just how clearly I could see anything. Thinking about how compact the Lemmings really are on screen, I was expecting to struggle to really operate out exactly where they have been.

However, I didn’t struggle at all… At least, I didn’t struggle into they caught in a really tight space and I could no longer conveniently click on a precise Lemming.

Regardless of that, on the other hand, I was nonetheless capable to really progress by means of trial and error. Lemmings for the Master Technique begins with a low level of difficulty and gradually ramps it up, but at a steady pace. Thinking about the reality that Lemmings is generally a timed puzzle game, this steady raise in challenging is specifically the way it requires to be.

You never ever really feel like you are in more than your head, as you will often be capable to figure a puzzle out at some point, even if it requires a lengthy time… You just will need to really be paying interest.

With that all mentioned, it is most likely a excellent time to move onto the gameplay section, do not you assume?


The gameplay of Lemmings completely consists of utilizing distinctive tools on your Lemmings so that they can carry out distinctive actions. For instance, you can have them dig, climb, parachute or even explode. All of these are required at some point to get by means of the numerous puzzles in the game and can lead to some really amusing moments if you are streaming the game.

Some of the puzzles involve a lot a lot more believed than other folks, which is really excellent. As pointed out earlier, the difficulty levels rise gradually. That mentioned, you nonetheless will need precision timing to choose the Lemmings in order to assure that the suitable a single utilizes the appropriate tool.

Fortunately, the controls are genuinely uncomplicated to get your head about. There are not genuinely any method puzzles to go by means of for now. But I do intend to attempt and full the game quickly.


Moving on to the entertainment element of Lemmings, I assume it need to be fairly clear from the clips of the stream that I identified it enjoyable. There are undoubtedly some flaws with the game in terms of getting capable to really choose the appropriate lemming. Nonetheless, that does not genuinely dampen the entertainment of the game.

Aspect of that most likely comes from the reality that they created the fate of the lemmings mildly entertaining when you mess up the puzzle. So no matter regardless of whether you are carrying out properly or utterly failing, Lemmings for the Sega Master Technique remains completely enjoyable.

Honestly, though… It is a really simplistic game so that is not a large quantity to speak about beyond that.

And That is All People

Lemmings for the Sega Master Technique is a fairly fundamental game, as to be anticipated from a game of that era. Nonetheless, it is a lot of enjoyable and the puzzles are really fairly clever. They even have some that are created purely to troll you, so that is really entertaining.

Have you played Lemmings for the Master Technique? Let me know what you believed of it in the comments beneath!

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