Nintendo’s new fitness device for Switch is bonkers


Is this peak Nintendo?

Nintendo is closing out a busy week of video game news with a single extra announcement: what ever the hell this fitness contraption is. Today’s initially-appear demonstration raises so quite a few inquiries.

The video shows actors operating in location, undertaking poses, and just normally working out indoors when holding a ring-like device that has some flex to it. We can not truly see what they are hunting at on-screen, but this “new practical experience,” as Nintendo puts it, includes strapping a Joy-Con to a single of your legs and securing a second controller inside the ring itself, presumably for motion-tracking purposes.

We’ll discover extra specifics on Thursday, September 12. Switch Match (???) appears wild. I may perhaps not be into Pilates (this appears related to a magic circle), but I am curious to see the accompanying software program.

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