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When Nintendo have been riding higher on the early breakout achievement of the Nintendo Wii, they broadened their concentrate outdoors the realms of pure gaming and into the way of life universe with Wii Match. Now, with the Nintendo Switch in a equivalent position, it appears like they’re undertaking the similar, teasing one thing appears like a Switch reimagining of Wii Match.

Nintendo will reveal what ever this nonsense really is subsequent week on 12th September.

The “new experience”, as Nintendo get in touch with it, appears to revolve about a versatile plastic ring peripheral that you can slot a Joy-Con into and a strap that would let you tie a Joy-Con to your leg. Amongst the two, it then shows off a selection of various makes use of, from frenetic ring pulsing and thigh-squeezing mini-games to slower speed balance tests and infant-like air kicking.

Believed “Switch Fit” is not named in the teaser video which, amongst other factors functions a bemused searching cowboy playing with his ring (as it have been), it is by far and away the most logical name for the ‘exergaming’ game. Immediately after all, Wii Match came with an costly balance board peripheral and managed to sell more than 20 million units, so a (hopefully) more affordable game that leans on the capabilities of the Joy-Con for equivalent fitness oriented games ought to do quite nicely.

We’ll discover out specifically what Nintendo are up to subsequent week. In the imply time, it is time for a caption competitors:

(1) Teenage boys can be convinced to do actually something by girls they fancy.

(two) Even to awkwardly watch a girl squeeze a plastic ring in between her legs…

(three) At least it is far better than watching you dad kick the air like a infant.

(four) What ever she can see on the Television, she is getting way also substantially exciting with this.

(five) And then the cowboy – he was wearing a cowboy hat earlier in the trailer – just goes and make it appear a bit creepy.

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