This Shiny Charizard Pokemon Card Just Sold For More than $10,000


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Each Pokemon card collector will know that the rarest cards can fetch a compact fortune, and occasionally they even get lost in the mail. But what’s uncommon about the most up-to-date card to have the neighborhood abuzz is that it is from a set barely two weeks old, and however has currently fetched a sum of more than $10,000 on eBay.

Hidden Fates is the most up-to-date expansion in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, but this 1 is particular. The primary set is fairly compact at just 68 cards, compared to the couple of hundred we’d see in most other expansions. Even so, Hidden Fates has a ‘Shiny Vault,’ a 94 card subset of Shiny Pokemon which is sending collectors into a frenzy. Hidden Fates is not sold like other Pokemon cards, either, as you will not obtain single booster packs on sale in your nearby gaming shop. Alternatively the set is becoming released in a quantity of boxed merchandise, such as the Mewtwo and Mew Pin Collection packs, and the upcoming Elite Trainer Box featuring legendary bird trio Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno as a particular Tag Group card.

The holy grail of Hidden Fates is Charizard-GX, a reprint from Sun &amp Moon Burning Shadows, but this time Charizard is shiny, in black and red as an alternative of its usual orange. It is the most sought-just after card in the set by a lengthy way, and the typical copy is going for upwards of $400. But that is not the limit on how a great deal this card can sell for. An eBay seller has not only pulled a Shiny Charizard from a Hidden Fates pack, but they have had the card assessed by qualified grading business Beckett, who returned the card with the legendary ‘black label’, which means the card is pristine.

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Bidding ended at a whopping $10,100, which is not the most a Pokemon card has sold for, but thinking of this set has just come out it is a fairly crazy figure. Hidden Fates is currently tough to obtain in the wild, with collectors purchasing dozens of boxes at a time, which has only enhanced the hype for the set amongst fans. There are much more Hidden Fates merchandise on the way, so you are nonetheless in with a opportunity to pull that Shiny Charizard for your self, but if you are 1 of the fortunate handful of to have caught the fiery lizard, you could be sitting on a compact fortune.

We lately spoke to legendary Pokemon card artist Mitsuhiro Arita—whose art characteristics in Hidden Fates—about the inspiration and hidden stories behind every card. And if you’d like to know much more about how Pokemon cards are created, we had the opportunity to take a firsthand appear at Creatures, Inc in Tokyo, Japan.

Pokemon hype will only continue to develop more than the coming weeks, as the subsequent installments in the video game series, Pokemon Sword &amp Shield, arrive on Nintendo Switch later this year. Be confident to retain an eye on for all the most significant Pokemon news.


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