Strange or fascinating Japanese retro games (Possibly GBA and earlier) : Games


– Yume Penguin Monogatari (NES) – A game about a fat penguin who has to drop weight to win his girlfriend’s like back.
– Hachiemon (GBA) – An egg with lips that utilizes them to kiss enemies and throw them like a boomerang.

– Sweet Residence (NES) – A horror RPG primarily based on a Japanese film. Turnbased RPG with “escape the haunted manor” components.
– Takeshi’s Challenge (NES) – A game exactly where a man quits his job. The game was made by a guy who fairly significantly did not like video games and type of produced the game as a not-meant-to-beat joke. Fairly not possible to win with out a guide.

Items like that. What are some great ones out there you know that deserve to be recognized about? IMO, these are some of the much better games to play.


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