Rec Room’s new game mode feels a lot like Sprint Vector


Rec Room developer Against Gravity have revealed the debut trailer of its subsequent new game mode: Stunt Runner, coming in September to all platforms.

From what we can inform Stunt Runner is a race-primarily based minigame that pits players against each and every other as they try to get by means of a series of obstacles as speedily as probable. There are walls to jump off of, huge gaps to jump across, speed boosts to gather, and much more. Primarily based on the gameplay footage shown in the trailer beneath it absolutely appears to be heavily inspired by Sprint Vector.

Given that Rec Space commonly makes use of either teleport-primarily based locomotion or smooth movement by way of analog sticks it is really hard to inform precisely how Stunt Runner will accommodate all manage schemes. At one particular point close to the finish of the trailer the 3 players are noticed swinging their arms as if they’re essentially operating — but I can not inform if that is just theatrics for the trailer or if that is a new movement scheme adopted for this new game mode.

According to the YouTube trailer description:

“Stunt Runner is an obstacle-primarily based, intense sports game show set in Rec Space! In this higher-speed obstacle course exactly where each and every second counts, 4 contestants will have to sprint, climb, wall jump, mantle, and dodge hazards to survive. Choose the great route and execute flawlessly to set a record time and turn into leaderboard champs!”

Stunt Runner joins the likes of Paintball, Bowling, Laser Tag, Rec Royale, and tons of other possibilities for issues to do with pals in VR making use of Rec Room’s cost-free social VR hub. Steadily it is grown to incorporated much more and much more players, such as Oculus Quest, PSVR, iOS, and even non-VR  gamers on Computer and console.

We’re searching forward to providing Stunt Runner a attempt when it launches later this year in September. A representative from Against Gravity confirmed to us that Stunt Runner will be coming to all platforms, contain cross-play like other games, and continues to be completely cost-free.

Particularly, I’m most excited to see what sort of custom Stunt Runner rooms players will make.

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