Planet of Warcraft Classic players will get a totally free expansion for hitting level cap


By Emily Gera,
Monday, two September 2019 17:02 GMT

Blizzard is providing a totally free copy of the Planet of Warcraft expansion Battle for Azeroth to players who attain the level cap in Planet of Warcraft Classic.

These who hit level 60 in the newly launched Classic server will also unlock a totally free enhance that wil get their character to level 110, according to a post on Planet of Warcraft Brazil‘s Facebook web page. The message, which was initially spotted by Wowhead, has because been deleted.

A translation of the post reads: “A toast to 15 years of WoW[.] Upon reaching level 60 in WoW Classic you acquire the Battle for Azeroth Expansion and Level 110 Enhance.”

We’ve reached out to Blizzard for far more facts.

WoW Classic launched in August. It is a “re-creation” of the original MMO as it was at the time of its 2006 update Drums of War, returning it back to a time of Onyxia, Duskwallow Marsh questlines, and the olden days of Leeroy Jenkins. Verify out our assessment of Planet of Warcraft Classic, which describes the nostalgic vanilla game as a “rose-tinted revival”.

“In 2019, Classic is possibly the far more attractive Warcraft for me. It is ideal enjoyed, curiously, as some thing like No Man’s Sky: a enormous, sparse open planet dotted with dangers, treasure and adventure. 1 that is a bit as well stretched-thin with dated jank to love devoid of popping on your favourite album. It resists getting energy gamed, encourages fleeting partnerships with strangers, and desires you to take your time soaking in the mood.”

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