PEGI responds to issues about NBA 2K20’s gambling options


Age-rating organisation PEGI has responded to issues relating to depictions of gambling in the current trailer for NBA 2K20.

The MyTeam trailer has attracted criticism with its depiction of slot machines and wheel of fortune.

The present rating is PEGI three, which means the game is targeted for young kids as nicely as adults.

In an e-mail on Reddit, verified by Eurogamer, PEGI revealed it really is “conscious that it might get as well close for comfort for some individuals”.

Whilst there might be similarities involving the NBA 2K20 content material and actual-life gambling, PEGI noted the in-game imagery “is not the identical as teaching how to gamble for income in a casino”.

On the other hand, PEGI is not capable to modify the game’s rating primarily based on a single trailer.

“The games business is evolving frequently (and swiftly in current years). As a rating organisation, we want to make certain that these developments are reflected in our classification criteria,” study the e-mail.

“We do not base our choices on the content material of a single trailer, but we will effectively assess how the rating method (and the video games business in common) ought to address these issues.”


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