Great Open Planet “Climb Stuff” Game Ideas? : PS4


I quite not too long ago got a PS4 and do not have that several games. I wanted a game exactly where also my parents could play, a extra casual and easy game exactly where combat mechanics and other stuff like movement are easy and enjoyable.

My father wanted a game exactly where he could “climb into stuff like buildings” so spider man and Assassin’s Creed are on the list of possibilities. So, would spider man be a great decision? Any Assassin’s Creed game? My final AC was Black Flag, and acquiring the final one particular is not a priority, I could get an older one particular if it was far better.

Also I would gladly accept other recommendations =] really feel totally free to comment on these games as effectively o/

I appreciate your focus.

(My initial bought games are Bloodborne, God of War and Shadow of the Colossus. Loving them quite significantly =] )


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