Dragon Ball Z Kakarot – PAX West 2019


Now at PAX West, we had the privilege of demoing Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot at the Bandai Namco booth. Capturing footage of actual gameplay, you are in a position to see just how the game functions and standard battle sequences.

Kakarot is created by Bandai Namco Entertainment and CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. It is set to release on Playstation four, Windows, and Xbox One particular. At the moment, we only have a generic release date of 2020. The principal storyline for this action part-playing game follows the events of the original Dragon Ball story all the way to the presumably Buu saga. There’s no confirmation however, but we hope to see events from Dragon Ball Super integrated in this new game as properly. 

The demo for Kakarot was about 10 minutes lengthy and integrated many mini fights and ended with a boss fight against Raditz. The principal characters visible in the demo had been Piccolo, kid Gohan, Raditz, and Goku, and begins you off appropriate when Raditz kidnaps Gohan and Goku has to go rescue his son from his brother. Just after beating the boss fight and finishing the demo, the player is awarded a restricted edition super saiyan crown.

You can verify out our video under and see raw gameplay of this upcoming Bandai Namco title. Let us know what you hope to see in this game in the comments under!


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