Cyberpunk 2077 will be “100% initial-person”


It came as fairly a surprise to a lot of fans of developer CD Projekt RED when Cyberpunk 2077 was announced as a initial-individual RPG a couple of years’ ago. The studio created its name from The Witcher series of RPGs, which had been all completely third-individual – so to see it adjust to a absolutely diverse viewpoint was a massive shock.

Properly, the viewpoint-primarily based shocks are nonetheless coming, as according to CD Projekt RED there will barely be any trace of third-individual viewpoint in Cyberpunk 2077. Fellow future initial-individual RPG Deus Ex, for instance, nonetheless had third-individual in cutscenes and occasional gameplay moments – but Cyberpunk 2077 is apparently going “100% initial-person”, even for the duration of the attractive bits.

This is in spite of the reality that the game will have a complete character customization sequence, and that all of Cyberpunk’s promotional videos up till now have shown the major character in complete – like the E3 demo that introduced Keanu Reeves. In spite of all this, it appears the only way in-game that you will be capable to see your character is in mirrors.

This is according to Marcin Momot, Worldwide Neighborhood Lead at CD Projekt RED. He confirms that the cause to make the game absolutely initial-individual is for “full immersion” and to advantage the practical experience “from gameplay and story-telling perspectives.” You can see the complete tweet under.

Outdoors of mirrors and the character screen, players can apparently see their character for the duration of driving sequences and “very occasionally” in cutscenes – while we’re not confident if that implies the cutscenes will outright show the character in third-individual, or no matter if they will stay initial-individual but the player will be capable to see themselves some other way.

Momot’s tweets had been backed up by the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter feed. User 100K on the CD Projekt RED forums posted an image of his message to the official feed, which confirmed that not only had been cutscenes in initial-individual – sex scenes had been, also.

Even though CD Projekt RED is attempting difficult to make its game accessible to non-initial-individual fans, it appears to be performing that whilst nonetheless creating the game as initial-individual as feasible – which not every person will be content with.

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