‘You and What ARMy?’ Swings Boneless Limbs in Goofy Kung-Fu Battles


Some no-very good hooligan has stolen Ronnie Fists’ arm bones, and you are going to slap the faces off of any one who tries to cease you from acquiring them back.

You and What ARMy? tries to capture the vibe of 70’s martial arts motion pictures with an array of cheesy 1-liners and its endless array of patient, but dopey poor guys lining up to get smacked. You will have to use your wobbly limbs to bash your way via thugs and the breakable environments if you are to hope to get your bones back.

Honestly, though…this boneless point is kinda functioning in Ronnie’s favor. Not only is flailing their arms hilarious, but it is also incredibly efficient at taking down reams of martial arts goons. I’m not honestly seeing considerably of a downside to the complete ‘no bones’ point.

If you could use a laugh (and perhaps have to have to vent by slapping some jerks silly), you will want to go give You and What ARMy? a appear.

You and What ARMy? is readily available now on GameJolt.


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