This Witcher three Fan Sent a Heartfelt Thank You to Polish Embassy Right after Beating Cancer


Right after effectively beating cancer, 1 Witcher three fan sent his appreciation of the series more than to the Polish embassy in Washington, DC.

When we generally turn to video games as a kind of escapism, it is from time to time understated how games can generally be a supply of comfort in challenging situations. This specially seemed to the case for 1 Redditor that turned to The Witcher three in the struggle to beat cancer, and thanked the series’ dwelling nation of Poland in an really heartfelt way.

More than on r/Witcher, a Redditor by the name of “NotAfraidofAlQaeda” shared his appreciation for The Witcher series in a post, exactly where he explained that the game helped him by way of his efforts in battling cancer and receiving by way of surgery and chemotherapy. Right after profitable remedies of the illness, he printed a sign that stated “Thank You Poland for The Witcher” (with an image of the iconic wolf pendant that Geralt wears and left it outdoors the Polish embassy creating in Washington, DC (as he lived close to the location).

In response, the Polish embassy replied with a tweet of the sign outdoors the creating in appreciation of his thanks, saying that they had been “glad that you like The #Witcher from Poland as well!”

While The Witcher series has been receiving extra interest than ever with the upcoming series from Netflix starring Henry Cavill and the Switch version of The Witcher three that is coming in October, it is nonetheless heartening to hear how the series managed to enable a longtime fan by way of an specially tough circumstance.


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