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There is one particular query that is dominating my interactions with Linux customers on social media lately: “I want to invest in a new laptop to run Linux, but do I have to buy one particular from a enterprise like Dell, Purism or Technique76? Are not we at a point exactly where Linux ‘just works’ on something?” The answer is not black and white, but I will do my most effective to give you a sensible response and clarify the benefits of getting a pc that is goal-constructed for Linux, as properly as what you can anticipate when snatching up any modern day laptop from HP, Acer, Asus, Lenovo and other OEMs that ship with Windows by default.


What Sort Of Specs Must I Appear For?

Linux utilizes much less of your computer’s sources than Windows, so the hardware needs for operating a Linux distro may possibly not be as steep as Windows 10. But the specs you are searching for will differ based on your requires. So right here are some fundamental scenarios alongside the minimum CPU, RAM and space needs you really should appear for:

  • Simple net browsing, video streaming and productivity: A laptop for as low as $250 is entirely affordable right here. Appear for a 1080p show, 4GB of memory, at least 64GB of storage space, and an Intel Celeron N4100 CPU or much better.
  • + Light gaming: If you ordinarily play indie games that are not graphically demanding, appear for a laptop with a 1080p show, at least 4GB of memory, at least 128GB of storage, and a 7th-generation Intel Core i3 CPU or much better. Games like Stardew Valley, Magic: Arena, Hearthstone and Dota two run completely fine on Intel’s integrated graphics.
  • + Heavy AAA gaming (or Virtualization): If you choose additional eyecandy in your games (consider Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Planet of Warcraft, Hitman two and No Man’s Sky — yep, these all run on Linux!) you will have to have to step almost everything up. I propose a 1080p show, a 7th-generation Intel Core i7 CPU or much better, at least 8GB of memory, at least 256 GB of storage space, and an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 560 or much better. If you are targeting a 1440p or 4K show, take into consideration 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GTX 1080 or much better. Aside from the devoted GPU recommendation, these are also great targets if you are organizing on operating virtual machines. The additional storage, CPU cores and RAM you have, the much better!

Will Any New Laptop Run My Preferred Linux Distribution?

Normally speaking, yes! There are exceptions, but by and big you can go out and invest in a new laptop from a main hardware manufacturer (excluding Apple’s newer MacBooks) and throw your favored distribution on it with no expecting any main headaches.

The Linux kernel (the operating program that runs underneath your GUI applications and desktop atmosphere) has sophisticated by leaps and bounds in the final numerous years. Even though specific “exotic” or much less preferred external peripherals (such as USB video capture cards) may possibly not be quickly recognized, open supply developers at Intel, AMD, Canonical, Dell, Red Hat, Google and elsewhere have place really serious work into supporting an exhaustive variety of hardware.

No matter if you are getting a thin-and-light ultrabook, or a beefy gaming laptop, right here are some useful items to know for something manufactured remotely lately:

#1) Any laptop with all-Intel elements will perform flawlessly, ideal out of the box. Intel ordinarily adds kernel-level assistance for all of its processors and elements like Wireless adapters months just before it has even launched a item. The identical holds correct for the vast majority of — if not all — modern day AMD and Ryzen CPUs.

#two) The majority of internal Wireless and Bluetooth adapters perform on Linux, though they may possibly call for “closed” (not open supply) firmware. There are exceptions like the Marvell adapter present in some Surface Pro laptops and I also propose avoiding adapters from Broadcom. The great news right here is that Intel WiFi/Bluetooth adapters are fairly commonplace lately. As a final resort, although, a wide variety of external USB WiFi dongles are also supported, so in the uncommon case you are possessing difficulty connecting up your WiFi, this option really should do the trick.

#three) Any current mobile AMD Radeon or Nvidia GTX/RTX graphics card will also perform out of the box. The open supply “MESA” driver for AMD GPUs is integrated in the kernel and is regularly updated with overall performance improvements. And whilst the open supply “Nouveau” driver for Nvidia GPUs is also integrated, it lags behind in options and overall performance compared to Nvidia’s proprietary drivers. Thankfully, yes, Nvidia does create timely drivers for Linux, and they are even integrated as a default installation choice for distributions like Pop!_OS, Solus, Ubuntu, Deepin and a lot of other people.

Even if your distribution does not consist of Nvidia’s proprietary driver by default, it really is as uncomplicated as adding a PPA (an added computer software supply) and installing it.

What About Laptops With Hybrid Graphics?


This is exactly where items get a small difficult in Linux land. Hybrid Graphics laptops comprise an Intel chipset with Nvidia devoted graphics. On Windows, your machine will use Intel’s onboard graphics for much less demanding tasks (browsing, watching video, and so on) and automatically switch to Nvidia graphics for gaming.

On Linux, you are regularly tasked with deciding on one particular or the other to run your desktop. Even so, Technique76 laptops operating Pop OS have a workaround that let you to simply switch amongst the two. This needs a reboot, but it really is the most sophisticated (and easiest on the user) option I’ve noticed.

Hybrid Graphics can also pose initial OS installation difficulties for distributions that embrace 100-% no cost computer software, which means that the proprietary Nvidia driver is not offered out of the box. This was my expertise with Fedora 29 on a Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Intense.

So if you are a gamer, appreciate lengthy battery life and do not want to get below the hood to mess with configuring hybrid graphics switching, a laptop from Technique76 is a strong decision.

Must I Think about A Linux Laptop From Dell, Purism, Lenovo, Technique76?

Jason Evangelho

In my circles, the conversation about getting a Linux laptop tends to revolve mainly about these 3 firms. Even though you should not really feel locked in to these certain hardware makers, I will tackle these individually and give you the pros and cons from my point of view:

  • DELL: If you like Dell currently and are pondering about an XPS 13 or a Precision Mobile Workstation, this is a no-brainer. Initially of all, Dell’s Developer Edition systems clock in at a reduced cost tag due to the fact you are not paying for Windows. Second, Dell’s Project Sputnik group operates alongside Red Hat, Canonical and other people in the Linux ecosystem to developer wonderful Linux drivers for this hardware, then sends them “upstream” to advantage any person employing a Linux kernel. This suggests that though they ship with Ubuntu 18.04, any Linux distribution you throw on it really should perform.
  • Technique76: I run this company’s Linux distribution, Pop OS, as my everyday driver. And I run it on an Oryx Pro laptop from Technique76. It is by far the most effective expertise I’ve had employing Linux, particularly on the gaming front. Their assistance is best-notch, the construct high quality is exceptional and thoughtful touches like Hybrid Graphics switching and constructed-in energy management choices make items even smoother. If there is a downside, it really is cost. An Oryx Pro, for instance, will run you numerous hundred dollars additional than a comparable Windows laptop (evaluate a 2019 Dell G7 Gaming Laptop against the Oryx Pro if you are curious).
  • Purism: If you want to embrace a enterprise that is decidedly privacy-conscious and strictly embraces open supply computer software, Purism’s Librem 13 and Librem 15 laptops are worth taking into consideration. They function hardware kill switches for webcam, Wireless and microphone. Curiously, although, their laptops ship with the Bluetooth adapter disabled due to the fact it needs closed firmware. There is a workaround for that, as well, but if out-of-the-box functionality and cost are heavy considerations for you, comparing a program like the Dell XPS 13 against the Librem 13 will leave you with a sobering conclusion. Purism is a smaller enterprise, and whilst their philosophies are admirable, you will spend a lot additional for it.
  • Lenovo: The Linux neighborhood swears by their ThinkPads, and it really is a brand that regularly runs like a dream with Linux. Lenovo even lately announced that all of its refreshed ThinkPad P series laptops will ship with Ubuntu as a pre-installed choice. ThinkPads are also notoriously sturdy, so if you are currently a fan, this is worthy of consideration.

Terrific Sources For Analysis And Purchasing

Normally speaking, you can rest assured that virtually any Windows laptop you invest in off the shelf nowadays will run Linux. But it does not hurt to be completely positive! Even though there is not one particular central, all-encompassing resource, there are a handful of web sites you really should surely verify out just before plunking down your income.

  • Search It: No matter if you choose Google, StartPage, Duck Duck Go or any other search engine, make this a priority. Just search the precise brand and model of the laptop you are taking into consideration and consist of the Linux distribution you want to run. For instance “Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Ubuntu 19.04.” Appear for Reddit threads, articles or forum posts from customers operating that hardware and distro mixture.
  • Linux Preloaded: If you want to be completely specific that Linux will perform out of the box on a new laptop, Linux Preloaded presents a curated list of vendors (such as Star Labs, Puget Systems, Entroware and Tuxedo Computer systems) about the globe supplying custom or off-the-shelf laptops with Linux pre-tested and pre-installed. You can also view the firms by geographic place.
  • Ubuntu Certified Laptops: Canonical operates straight with numerous OEMs like Lenovo, Dell and Acer to assure that Ubuntu 18.04 LTS operates flawlessly out of the box. In this list you will discover, for instance, additional than 60 Lenovo laptops you can snatch up with self-assurance.
  • Lenovo Laptop Compatibility List: This database consists of Linux hardware compatibility information for old and new Lenovo systems and many Linux distributions.

Satisfied laptop buying, and if you have a query that is not covered right here, attain out to me on Twitter. If you delight in podcasts, take into consideration checking out my show Linux For Everybody.


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