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Patch Notes: NW.115.20190729e.20

Identified Troubles

  • Oathkeeper Paladin: Prayer of Chance and Essential Touch can at times incorrectly proc though outdoors of combat.

Combat and Powers

Classes and Balance

  • Barbarian (Sentinel)
    • Blood Fury now appropriately reduces the rage expense of Primal Fury to though Unstoppable.
  • Paladin
    • Prayer of Chance and Essential Touch no longer have a opportunity to proc though outdoors of combat.
    • Valorous Strike and Oath Strike can no longer develop action points when they do not strike a target.


  • Players, below particular situations, no longer have a opportunity to deal an immense quantity of harm.
  • Resurrection Sickness really should now appropriately be applied in all instances exactly where a player is brought from Close to-Death back into combat.

Things and Economy


  • Incorrect versions of the Child Deep Crow companion and the Child Gorilla companion, from the Magnificent Resurgence Lockbox, have been replaced with the right version. Players who utilized and named the incorrect version really should now have all the connected companion powers.


User Interface

Gear Preview

  • Things can no longer be previewed from the “Inspect Player” screen this had not been functioning appropriately.


Animation, Audio, Character Art, and Effects

Visual Effects

  • A portion of Halaster’s lava ring no longer has a opportunity to hide underground.
  • The visual effects of Halaster’s ultimate potential now regularly dissipate when the character releases.




  • The Italian locale now appropriately has localization for a single of the Module 17: Uprising panes on the Residence Web page.


Functionality and Stability


  • Inspecting a player’s companion correct as they leave a map no longer crashes the client.



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