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Out Now!
Smith and Winston has just released on Steam and itch.io.
A fun twin stick action adventure set in a shattered voxel world.

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Take on the roll of Smith or Winston in a fun twin stick action adventure set in a shattered voxel ring world. Accompanied by a sarcastic spaceship AI known as Shippy, play single player or gang up for two player couch coop.

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When a strange signal is detected in deep space the Federation orders you to go and investigate. Along the way discover the ruins of an ancient race, kill and loot the alien invaders and uncover the dastardly plot of an enigmatic evil known only as the…..VOID!

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Use your trusty jet pack to boost between islands finding new parts of the map while utilizing the ancient teleport system to unlock new areas. Pick up an arsenal of weapons and use them to defeat the minions of the VOID. Shoot, blast and explode through the map in a world where virtually everything can be destroyed.

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Check all this all out in our new trailer below.

Cooperate with your Buddies.

Smith and Winston has a classic split screen two player local co-op mode. It also features an innovative buddy mode where you can play with your children or “friends that suck”! In buddy mode player two can’t be shot give hem a chance to join in the adventure without fear.


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