New Wreckfest Computer update adds four new tracks, five new automobiles, new profession events and extra


Bugbear Entertainment has released a brand new update for the Computer version of Wreckfest. According to the release notes, this patch adds 4 new tracks, 5 new automobiles, and brings new profession events.

Furthermore, this most up-to-date Computer patch enhances and polish the game’s environments, animates objects such as flags and balloons, and adds paint jobs for most automobiles. It is also worth noting that this patch brings a quantity of collision improvement. As such, the automobiles will no longer clip each and every other.

This patch also streamlines server browser, adds swift match to multiplayer, and improves the server lobby user interface. Moreover, it increases general efficiency, particularly for older PCs. It also optimizes the multiplayer mode for poor connections and PCs, and drastically decreases loading occasions for all tracks.

As constantly, Steam will download this update the subsequent time you launch its client, and beneath you can uncover its full changelog.

Wreckfest August 27th Computer Patch Release Notes
  • Clayridge Circuit
  • Deathloop
  • Northfolk Ring (two routes)
  • Dirt Devil Stadium (Speedway)
  • Dirt Devil Stadium (Derby Arena)

five NEW Automobiles

  • Venom (profession reward)
  • Stretch Limousine
  • Couch Car or truck
  • Motorhome
  • Huge Rig


  • Various new profession events and challenges featuring new tracks and automobiles. Verify each and every Championship for new events – for instance the initial championship Regional Juniors now has the Couch Craze challenge to unlock this automobile.
  • There’s now extra variation in the laptop-controlled AI automobiles, and they will also make use of the upgrade components to make your life so a lot extra miserable.
  • Quite a few events have been changed and tweaked to offer you extra engaging, balanced gameplay practical experience.
  • Also, accomplished bonus targets are no longer reset when restarting a profession series.


  • Polished and extra detailed environments.
  • Animates objects such as flags and balloons.
  • New paint jobs for most automobiles.
  • Collision improvements: the automobiles no longer clip each and every other.
  • Fast match functinality for multiplayer.
  • Streamlines server browser.
  • Overhauls server lobby user interface and enhanced usability.
  • Improves car or truck and upgrade choice in the garage/pit.
  • New daytimes for numerous tracks.
  • Improves profession menu screens.
  • Multiplayer: Bots now get auto-kicked also throughout races if a human player joins and requires their slot.
  • Multiplayer: At occasion begin, players not prepared will not be kicked as lengthy as they have a valid car or truck.
  • New track and occasion particular loading screens.
  • A save information backup is developed automatically anytime the game is updated.
  • Minimap (can be disabled in the Settings menu).


  • All round game efficiency improved particularly for older PCs.
  • Multiplayer far better optimized for poor connections and PCs.
  • Drastically lowered loading occasions for all tracks.
  • Server side: hardware and bandwidth demands lowered.


  • Several bugfixes, tweaks and improvements, numerous primarily based on the feedback we’ve received from you.

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