Is Mortal Kombat Collection on PSN worth $10? : PS3


Truly into the greatest versions of older mortal kombat. All ports appear to have their quirks and variations of course.

Ive heard the UMK3 in this is most faithful to the arcade… and UMK3 in distinct definitely interests me.

Any MK nerds that can chime in?

I’m conscious its Mortal Kombat so for individuals who dont like the series or are not observant sufficient (not confident why you’d hate the series but be definitely conscious of variations), fair sufficient but not definitely seeking for that from this thread.

but I’m seeking for distinct specifics with this release and if its worth my funds. Arcade faithfulness is not the most significant necessarily either due to the fact I believe I played MK1,two,three most on Genesis additional than something but I’m just seeking for good quality


Ive heard on line is broken as hell / may well not even be about any longer but additional focused on Single player and regional multi, than that. That is kinda moot in my evaluation of them. I fully grasp lots of individuals have been pissed about the hype surrounding that that … didn’t provide.


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