I’d like to address the elephant in the space… : PlayStationPlus


Hello, like lots of persons right here I have produced accounts on quite a few regions for quite a few diverse factors, some of them to be capable to purchase games that are not on the US retailer and other people to get far better bargains, in this case I developed a Hong Kong account to get access to games that did not get released in the US but sooner or later liked the retailer so a lot that I stopped getting PLUS on my primary one particular and alternatively purchased quite a few years worth on it.

Hong Kong is at present undergoing a political and societal dilemma that is endangering their autonomy, they could turn out to be element of mainland China in a handful of years or sooner.

  • If this had been to come about what would come about to everyone’s HK accounts and Plus games?

  • I know China’s laws in regards to games are a lot much more strict than Hong Kong’s, but to what extent?

  • Would we be elegible for refunds if our games are taken away?


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