Gears Pop is Clash Royale with a bit of Stormbound chucked in •


Gears Pop combines characters from the Gears of War games with the vinyl stylings of Funko Pop models. Actually, although, its primary influence lies elsewhere, with Supercell’s magnificent Clash Royale.

Clash Royale is a game in which you make a deck of eight cards, every single representing a unit or a constructing or a spell of some type. Then you battle against yet another player with their personal deck. Every player has 3 towers at their finish of the symmetrical map. Bring the most towers down inside a quick playtime of actual-time action in order to win.

It is actually excellent stuff – pacy, intricate, beautifully balanced and very charismatic. Just about each game is a nail-biter. All of which suggests I’ve enjoyed Gears Pop really a bit regardless of myself, since I know the underlying game so intimately currently and since it sticks to the formula so closely.

Honestly, Gears Pop cleaves incredibly close to its inspiration. The fundamental game design and style is the similar, critical systems perform the similar, the really feel of the game in motion is fairly a lot the similar. Even the levelling feels the similar.


It is a lot easier to really speak about the points exactly where items diverge. Okay. Gears Pop handles unlocking of the chests you win in battles a tiny differently: they all get started to unlock instantly, so you do not have to queue them up a single at a time. Also, its clans, referred to as crews, are a tiny extra bare-bones at present, which is understandable as the game has just launched.

There are a handful of little variations like this, but the most significant distinction is in all probability correct in the middle of the battlefield. In Clash the space you have to spawn a lot of your troops in alterations more than time as you destroy enemy towers. Knock a tower down, and you can deploy a tiny closer to the remaining towers. Gears Pop reworks items, calling back to Epic’s original game and its really like of cover. Across the battlefield there are two columns of cover set up, a bit like hurdles. Some of the troops you send out can capture this cover, winning it more than to your side, and the extra cover you earn, the extra of the battlefield is yours to deploy in. Cover can go back and forth as the game progresses, and it is fairly upsetting when your enemy has taken down two of your towers and has also knocked your deployment space back to your personal front door. The entire issue is tactically incredibly sensible and reminds me a bit of American Football. It fits effectively with Gears, which currently had NFL stylings in the 1st spot, and it calls to thoughts a comparable method in Stormbound, an very sophisticated Clash Royale-alike that plays a lot extra like a classic CCG.


What else? There is also an ultimate that charges up more than the course of a game and can be deployed to transform the tide of a battle. I am nevertheless fairly early in and I’ve only unlocked the 1st of these ultimates, which sees low-level grunts pouring out of a hole in the ground. It is fairly enjoyable! Beyond that the big variations do not go in Gears’ favour. Regardless of the all-action theme, Gears Pop’s combat feels a tiny muted and weightless. Its units, bringing COGS and the Locust with each other on the similar group, are a lot significantly less characterful than the units in Clash Royale. In Clash Royale you can deploy an ice wizard or possibly a hot air balloon or a barrel of goblins. In Gears it is usually just a super soldier with a various type of gun.

The query I’ve struggled with is: is Gears Pop a clone or basically a rather unimaginative take on a newish genre? I am tempted to say it is the latter – that Clash Royale is now a style of game in its personal correct – but I do wonder if Supercell may disagree. Either way, Gears Pop is in a strange position. It is a game produced with apparent ability and, I assume, really a bit of enthusiasm and wit. But it is in the end a copy of yet another game, and the original is a lot improved.


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