Fighting game superstar SonicFox raises $22,150 for charity in Livestream



SonicFox is renowned as a single of the greatest, if not the greatest, fighting game players on the planet. Getting won championships for Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, and extra, he’s cemented his position as a single of the furriest and greatest fighting game competitors in the planet.

Now he’s also added charity streaming to his roster, raising extra than $22,000 for The Trevor Project charity, which gives help and assistance to LGBTQ youth. The stream, which took spot more than 72 hours, featured the Mortal Kombat and Injustice story modes, as nicely as songs, piano playing, and even the shaving of SonicFox’s popular mustache.

The shaving of the mustache was performed as the stream reached the $20,000 mark, with other milestones such as a $500 donation becoming matched with SonicFox writing ‘trans rights’ on his chest.

General the stream was a bundle of positivity and assistance for LGBTQ men and women and specifically trans men and women, focusing on entertaining and inclusivity all through. Even although the stream took spot more than 72 hours, SonicFox and mates seemed to take it all in their stride, remarking that “Time flies when you are assisting trans people”.

This, of course, follows on from and is inspired by a comparable stream earlier this year by YouTuber and vocal politics and video game essayist HBomberguy. This stream in January raised more than $300,000 for UK trans youth charity Mermaids immediately after the charity’s funding came into doubt immediately after a campaign run by anti-trans campaigners. Hbomberguy’s stream notably featured surprise guests such as business legend John Romero, congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and trans activist Chelsea Manning.

You can watch the majority of the charity stream more than on SonicFox’s Twitch channel, and if you want to donate straight to the excellent men and women at The Trevor Project, you can do so right here.


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