Cathedral appears like a fairly fantastic retro action adventure, coming to Linux in October


Prepare oneself for an additional retro-inspired action adventure with Cathedral, created by the Swedish group at Decemberborn Interactive.

Cathedral is leaning heavily into the NES style right here with each the colour palette and the audio operate, despite the fact that they do some they are not totally restricting themselves so it has components taken from each the eight-bit and 16-bit era.

I have to admit it, there is a definitely resemblance to Shovel Knight right here. Hopefully the game-play will be various adequate to make it worth playing. Cathedral appears to have a major emphasis on the exploration with their hand-constructed globe, as opposed to just going via a lot of combat encounters.

Function Highlight:

  • Single player adventure game
  • A significant globe to discover, filled with secrets
  • Difficult boss fights
  • A map technique that tends to make exploring and backtracking the globe enjoyable
  • Towns, shops, shopkeepers, fortune tellers and other NPCs
  • Lots of varying puzzles, places and enemies
  • Great eight-bit music, created in Famitracker

What is also very fascinating is the tech behind this a single. They are not applying Game Maker, Unity or any 2D game creating tools. As an alternative, they’ve gone for a property brew method:

Cathedral’s engine is written entirely from scratch, each the rendering engine, physics engine and all tooling. The engine itself is written in C and C++ with scripting in Lua. Rendering is performed via OpenGL, and most of our tools are written in either C++, Python or JavaScript.

Presently, their strategy is to release sometime in October. As for Linux assistance, it is incredibly clearly listed on their official internet site.

You can wishlist and comply with it on GOG and Steam.

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