Apex Legends Leak Reveals New Character Crypto, Charge Rifle, More


A ton of information about content coming down the pipeline in Apex Legends has seemingly leaked via the GameStop Managers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The biggest reveal comes in the form of Crypto, who looks to be the next character coming once the game’s second season ends and the third begins. Apex Legends also looks like it’s getting a new weapon called the Charge Rifle, Halloween-related skins, and a physical version of the game just in time for the holiday season.

Crypto was teased earlier in Season 2, making a brief appearance in the season’s reveal trailer. According to the game’s data mining community, Crypto will have some tactical skills, which will likely put him in the same category as Bloodhound. A YouTuber by the name of That1MiningGuy revealed how each skill will likely work when the character launches (though keep in mind this is all speculation based on available information).

Aerial Drone will act as Crypto’s tactical skill. The drone works like a surveillance camera that lasts for 40 seconds. Players can hack doors, loot bins and pick up banners as far as 200 meters away. Crypto’s passive skill will allow for his surveillance drone to detect things in a 30-meter radius. This ability also allows for your squadmates to see what’s in the area. As for his ultimate, Crypto uses an EMP to damage player shields, slow them down, and disable traps. The ability makes sense given the fact that Crypto can be seen activating some sort of EMP device in the season two reveal trailer. Of course, these abilities might change over time prior to the character’s release.

Looking past the new character to other leaked details, Titanfall fans should be very familiar with the Charge Rifle. The gun was primarily used to take down titans and was largely seen as pretty terrible outside of that one particular use. It’ll likely be more refined for regular combat when it is eventually added to the game. Many of the guns that have transitioned from the Titanfall series are very different in Apex Legends from a balancing perspective. As of right now, there’s no available footage of the gun in action but you can find plenty of videos online with it being used in Titanfall 2. 

Next, Respawn Entertainment seems to have some Halloween skins in the works. Right now, we can only see Gibraltar’s costume, which has him looking like the Frankenstein monster. It’s an admittedly cool skin that’s very different from anything added previously. This probably won’t be the only skin included as Halloween starts to roll around in October so fans should definitely be excited to see how Respawn is going to design each character’s costume.

Lastly, some physical versions of Apex Legends seem to be coming before the end of the year. Based on the images, it looks like there’ll be two boxed copies available to fans. One of the boxes features Bloodhound while the other focuses on Lifeline. What will be included in these boxed copies remains a mystery. Based on other physical versions of free-to-play titles—like Fortnite, for example—they’ll probably include some premium currency and a character skin at the very least.

Season 2 of Apex Legends will be ending in just over 34 days so be sure to get your battle pass leveled up before it’s over. This season brought about radical changes to the game’s map as well as Wattson, the game’s newest defensive character. Respawn Entertainment recently faced backlash from the game’s community with their limited time Iron Crown event which added solo queueing to the game. Despite the controversy, Respawn seems to have made quick fixes to the problems and has some cool stuff planned for the future of the game.

[Source: Polygon, Reddit]


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