Super Mario 64 Is Becoming Remade Inside Super Mario Odyssey


If you ever wondered what it’d be like to play via Super Mario 64, only with Cappy carrying out his point, here’s your opportunity to (hopefully) uncover out.

Super Mario 64 Odyssey is a new project getting worked on by a group of Mario modders that is attempting to rebuild each and every level from the 1996 classic inside the globe of Super Mario Odyssey.

Which signifies you’d get to tackle the similar old levels, only now you could use Odyssey’s powers like taking possession of enemies and working with Cappy to get further length on a jump. The group are also hunting to expand some of the original Mario 64 levels as nicely, in order to give them the similar scale (and present themed challenges for the new powers) as located in Odyssey.

Possibly they’ll handle it, possibly they will not. Possibly they’ll be left alone, possibly they will not. Although we wait to uncover out, here’s a progress demo displaying some of the operate carried out so far (do not be place off by the static photos and art at the start off, there’s actual gameplay as nicely).


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