Steam Play Proton four.11-three is out, significant adjustments for gamepads and new D9VK


Valve and CodeWeavers continue pushing Linux gaming along with a further release of Proton for Steam Play with four.11-three.

The most significant modify right here appears to be for gamepads. Proton will no longer emulate them all as if they had been Xbox controllers, rather games will access them straight. So DualShock four (PS4) gamepads, fighting pads and extra should really behave extra like they do on Windows.

fsync (the experimental replacement for esync) also saw some improvements to hangs and crashes, as effectively as gaining configurable spin count. This new config capability they say may enable overall performance but it really is disabled by default.

Also they added missing language fonts, in-game net browser fixes, extra fixes for crashes associated to text input with Mordhau and Deep Rock Galactic getting noted, enhanced help for older VR titles and help for the newest Steamworks and OpenVR SDK versions.

It also pulls in the current new release of D9VK, thinking of it only released yesterday that is rather impressive seriously. You nonetheless will need to manually allow D9VK for D3D9 titles even though, like this:

PROTON_USE_D9VK=1 %command%

Use the above for D9VK as a launch choice (correct click -&gt Properties -&gt Set Launch Solutions) for every game as required.

You can see the complete changelog right here.

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