Say hello to the new browse & search pages!




When began there had been just a handful of games, you could effortlessly see all the games in a single web page. This is no longer the case, now has more than 250 published games!


The old browse web page let you scroll via the whole library, which was good to see the vastness but not so good for these searching for anything distinct.


The new browse page lets you filter content material by a set of diverse facets. For instance, you could effortlessly browse via just the no cost Linux action games.


Furthermore, it is now achievable to search for games by keyword. You can discover the search bar on the major of the browse web page. For instance, you could search for Rose &amp Time.


This is just the start out of browsing and discovery for As time goes on I see not only as a way to distribute games but also as a way to market and expose games. Getting in a position to proficiently discover games is the initially step to a terrific location to learn new games.

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