Rumor: Zinogre Could Be Coming to Monster Hunter Planet Iceborne


Perhaps Zinogre will be in Monster Hunter Planet Iceborne as hinted by the most recent music registrations in JASRAC.

Rumor: Zinogre Could Be Coming to Monster Hunter Planet Iceborne

Not too long ago two background music tracks have been registered in the JASRAC, Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers, and Publishers database. The two tracks that have been registered were “Senretsunaru Soukou Zinogre: The Chase” and “Senretsunaru Soukou Zinogre Planet Version”, each noted as “from Monster Hunter Planet: Iceborne” and claimed by rights holders Tadayoshi Makino and Capcom.

Now that these tracks are in the Japanese copyright collection society, this may possibly heavily hint that Zinogre will be in Monster Hunter Planet Iceborne, either at launch or as an update along the way. 

So far there hasn’t been any official announcement of Zinogre getting in Iceborne, but Capcom has stated there are lots of monsters to be announced according to producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, which he shared in an interview for 4Gamer.

In our existing program, there will be some monsters that will not have been announced by the time of release. To add to that, I do really feel that it detracts from the hype to announce all the things players are seeking forward to. On the other hand, there will be monsters announced amongst currently and the release day.

We’ll maintain you posted with any updates that may well stem from this, for all the most recent be certain to check out the MHW wiki.

Monster Hunter Planet: Iceborne releases September 6th on Playstation four and Xbox 1 with Computer arriving in January 2020.

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