Review: Knights and Bikes – Girls on Bikes Take a Delightful Nostalgia Trip


On your bike.

Every close knit group of childhood friends inevitably spawn their very own local legend. These stories are birthed not only by a child’s unique perspective of the world, but probably a bit too much sugar in their diet as well. For this reviewer, it was an ominous looking house that could just be seen over the treeline on my walk to school. We were convinced the house was haunted, and devoted a significant amount of time one summer to planning how we could get close enough to see the apparitions within. We would have done it, too, but there was a busy road in the way and we were forbidden from crossing it by our parents.

This dewy-eyed diversion is entirely the fault of Knights and Bikes, a co-operative action adventure game from ex-Media Molecule devs, that’ll have you nostalgically reminiscing about bombing around on bikes with your mates looking for adventure, accompanied by the distinctive clatter of spokey-dokeys.

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