Overwatch-Themed Switch Case Seems On-line, Hinting At A Switch Port


BlizzCon 2019 does not hit till November, but there is a likelihood we may possibly have gotten our initially sneak peek at an upcoming announcement. An officially licensed Overwatch-themed carrying case for Nintendo Switch from PowerA appeared on Amazon earlier these days, and was immediately taken down when the world-wide-web caught wind of it. The listing was met with the response of “Is Overwatch coming to Switch?”

Offered Overwatch is one particular of the most significant brands out there for gaming and can be identified on t-shirts, socks, lunchboxes, and you name it, I would not feel substantially of the Overwatch logo appearing on a game carrying case … till the listing was removed. The removal of the item from Amazon tends to make it look like it wasn’t supposed to be there but, which means it should be tied to some sort of announcement.

Odds are we’ll have to wait till November to study if Overwatch is following in Diablo III’s footsteps to Switch, or if it really is just a cool carrying case for the Overwatch fan who occurs to have a Switch. Either way, we can not be as well upset with the outcome, ideal?

For extra pictures of this case, verify out Wario64’s tweet beneath:



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