OSRS Gear Progression Guide


progression in Runescape is not as linear as other games inside the identical genre.
No matter whether 1 is playing restrictive a make (like a pure),
lacking wealth or attacking particular enemies will impact what gear you will use.
Possessing stated that, there is nevertheless a common progression path for OSRS
Gear, and this guide will serve to point you in the appropriate

What should really I know
about OSRS Gear?

As you level up, far more gear will turn into accessible
based on your combat stats and quests unlocked.
One particular one of a kind aspect about RuneScape is that you can get
max combat stats working with low-cost, low-level gear when sacrificing knowledge
prices. You could mix or match pieces of gear at any level if you cannot afford
some upgrades, in particular from raids or treasure trail drops.

Melee Gear Progression

Melee consists of
three-expertise: Attack, Strength, and Defense. These expertise can be educated in any order, though an emphasis
should really be place on Strength for finish-game efficiency. It can take longer to train
all 3 melee stats compared to variety or magic, but it is best for finish-game
content material.

Right here is a common path
on how you should really upgrade your melee instruction gear:

1-20 Str/Att/Def:

  • Complete iron with no kite
  • Amulet of Strength
  • Occasion RPG – (quickest
    melee weapon with the finest DPS till level 20 stats)
  • Iron boots
  • Combat Bracelet

20+ Str/Att/Def:

  • Complete mithril with kite
  • Mithril Scimitar
  • Amulet of Strength or
  • Mithril boots

30+ Str/Att/Def:

  • Complete Adamantite with
    kite shield
  • Adamantite Scimitar
  • Amulet of Strength or
  • Adamantite Boots

40+ Str/Att/Def:

  • Berserker helmet (at
    level 45 defense)
  • Fighter Torso or Rune
  • Rune platelegs or
    Fremennik kilt
  • Brine saber or Granite
    Hammer (at 50+ attack and strength)
  • Rune Boots or Climbing
  • Rune Defender
  • Rune gloves or Regen
  • Amulet of Fury or

60+ Str/Att/Def:

  • Complete obsidian armor:
    helmet, legs, chest plate
  • Obsidian Sword
  • Dragon Defender
  • Berserker Necklace
  • Imbued Berserkers’
  • Barrows Gloves
  • Dragon Boots
  • Fire Cape

Note: The complete obsidian set could be made use of till Level 99
if instruction at nightmare zone

75+ Str/Att/Def (Finish

  • Serpentine Helm
  • Bandos Chestplate and
  • Avernic defender or Dragonfire Shield
  • Inferno Cape
  • Primordial boots
  • Amulet of Torture
  • Imbued Berserker Ring
  • Attainable weapons
    incorporate: Ghrazi rapier (stab), Abyssal tentacle (slash), Abyssal bludgeon, or
    Zamorakian hasta

Variety Gear Progression

Variety is a talent that
has much easier linear progression as accuracy and max hits go up inside just 1
talent. Most higher-level
gear will need a minimum defense level, which can be educated with
extended-variety or with melee—which is far more effective. Otherwise, a pure can stay
1 defense and access most gear with a couple of exceptions.

Right here is a common path
on how you should really upgrade your variety instruction gear:

1 Variety:

  • Leather Armor: cowl,
    physique, chaps
  • Combat Bracelet
  • Iron knives
  • Amulet of Fury or
  • Ranger Boots (if your
    price range makes it possible for it)

20+ Variety:

  • Studded Leather Armor:
    physique (with 20 defense) and chaps
  • Coif
  • Amulet of Fury or
  • Mithril Gloves (with
    RFD partially completed)
  • Frog Leather Boots
    (with 25 variety and defense)
  • Mithril knives

30+ Variety:

  • Maple Shortbow with
    steel arrows or greater
  • Complete Snakeskin armor
    (with 30 defense): coif, physique, chaps, boots, and vambraces
  • Amulet of Fury or

40-70 Variety:

  • Chromatic dragonhide
    armor: physique (with 40 defense), chaps and vambraces
  • Rune Crossbow with
    broad bolts (with 55 slayer) or enchanted bolts
  • Ranger Boots or
    Snakeskin Boots

70 Variety:

  • Black or blessed
    dragonhide armor: physique (with 40 defense), chaps, coif, and boots.
  • Armadyl crossbow with
    enchanted bolts
  • Armadyl god book
  • Rune, Dragon or
    Barrows Gauntlets
  • Ava’s accumulator

75-99 Variety (Finish Game):

  • Armadyl Armor (with 70
    Defense): coif, physique, and chaps
  • Pegasian boots (with
    75 defense)
  • Twisted Buckler (with
    75 defense)
  • Necklace of Anguish
  • Toxic Blowpipe or
    Twisted Bow – This depends on the sort of harm required.
  • Imbued Archers’ Ring
  • Barrows gloves
  • Ava’s assembler

Magic Gear Progression

Magic is one of a kind in the
sense that the majority of gear impacts the only accuracy rather than maximum
harm. Due to the fact of this,
players could hybrid defensive gear and neglect magic bonus with most PvM or PvP
setups unless the target enemy has really higher defense.

Right here is a common path
on how you should really upgrade your magic instruction gear:

1 Magic:

  • Zamorak robe top rated &
  • Gnome hat
  • Any elemental employees
    required for your spells
  • Amulet of Magic
  • Seers Ring

20+ Magic:

  • Xerician robes (with
    10 defense): hat, top rated, bottom
  • Ancient book or
    Broodoo Shield (with 25 defense)

40+ Magic:

  • Mystic Robes: Hat,
    top rated, bottom, boots, and gloves
  • Mystic elemental
  • Tome of Fire (50
  • Iban’s Employees (50

60+ magic

  • Infinity Robes (with
    25 defense)
  • Any God Cape (following
    finishing The Mage Arena)
  • Mage’s Book, Tome of
    Fire, or Malediction ward (with 60 defense)
  • Mystic elemental
    employees, Ancient Employees or Slayer’s employees

75+ Magic (Finish Game):

  • Ancestral Armor (with
    65 defense)
  • Arcane Spirit Shield
    (with 75 defense and 70 Prayer)
  • Any Imbued God Cape
  • Occult necklace
  • Imbued Seers Ring
  • Tormented bracelet
  • Eternal Boots (with 75
  • Weapons incorporate:
    Mystic Smoke Employees, Kodai Wand, Employees of the Dead, or a Toxic Trident

Void Knight Gear

Void knight gear is thought of to be finish-game gear
but it is circumstantial. It is made use of to tribrid
among magic, variety, and melee based on which hood you put on. This
can also be an economical option to higher-finish gear, in particular for ironmen
that cannot seriously get uncommon drops working with low-level gear.

The specifications for Void Knight gear is 42 attack,
strength, defense, variety, magic, and 22 prayer. There is a hood for every single combat
style that incorporates: melee (10% to harm), rage (10% to harm) and magic (45%
to accuracy). Upgrading to Elite void offers prayer bonus and an further two.five%
enhance to magic and variety harm.


If you are going for max combat, or are aiming to
unlock higher-level content material, this OSRS Gear
guide will serve you properly when leveling up. It should really be noted that instruction
slayer will occasionally need particular gear, such as the Slayer Helmet (I)
when operating towards a greater level. Otherwise, these gear setups should really be
far more than apt for PvM or instruction.


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