Jurassic Globe Evolution adds Nasutoceratops in Absolutely free Update


Jurassic World Evolution adds Nasutoceratops in Free Update

Nasutoceratops has produced its way to Jurassic Globe Alive as component of the game’s most recent totally free content material drop. This new dinosaur may perhaps appear like a triceratops to an untrained eye, but it is, in reality, an completely unique species.

Alongside the Nasutoceratops, Update 1.9 also tends to make a variety of alterations and fixes, resolving many bugs that have been causing problems for some time now. Uncover the complete changelog under.

Jurassic Globe Evolution Update 1.9

Jurassic World Evolution adds Nasutoceratops in Free Update
  • Added the Nasutoceratops
  • Fixed a predicament exactly where a park could develop into potentially immune to illness
  • Fixed Troodon and Olorotitan fossil contracts from getting provided also early throughout the key Campaign
  • Autocancel active investigation if the investigation centres requirement is not met. Add an added line when deleting investigation centres to warn of this
  • Fixed tutorial soft lock
  • Fixed incorrect dinosaur label when attempting to transport a dinosaur quickly following getting notified that a Ranger/ACU tasks are complete
  • Just after deleting a save, stay on the very same tab on the load/save UI, do not switch back to the default tab
  • Palaeobotany feeder UI will now automatically close the additional specifics tab to prevent concentrate problems
  • Fixed erroneous ‘medication successful’ message when medication is not researched

To take a appear at Evolution’s many earlier updates, verify out our content material release summary for the game.




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