Is PS4 worth acquiring when PS5 is just about the corner? : playstation


So I was seeking to get myself a gaming console and I was by no means involved in console gaming prior to. As I looked at all the PS4s I was about to get myself one particular but then I saw the PS5 and the reality it’ll be out subsequent year. And then all the stuff like “PS5 graphics will be equal to the RTX 2080” and so on.

If that is accurate, then I count on the PS5 getting significantly a lot more costly than the PS4. So my query is, is it worth acquiring the PS4 now? Idk if the PS5 will be costly but I count on it to be, and I do not genuinely wanna wait.

As I described prior to, I am new to console gaming and this is all my opinions, so really feel free of charge to right me as some details comes just from my head. But the key query is in the title.


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