Indie RvR MMO Camelot Unchained updates backers on ‘Linuxification’ efforts


The Camelot Unchained people appear to be in like with the word “Linuxification.” I can appreciate why: Reading it aloud sounds like a type of new scientific study, and it is a lot more quickly to say than “making Camelot Unchained playable on Linux systems.” The operate on creating the MMO playable on these Linux systems was a lot of the dev team’s concentrate in their weekly update.

So just what does Linuxification imply precisely? It implies converting the game’s NPC server to .Net core, replacing Widows code with “portable” code to carry out equivalent tasks on diverse operating systems, and continued operate on the game’s “unique parallel structure” to aid make the job of Linuxification a bit a lot easier on the engineers.

Linux wasn’t the only concentrate for the previous week more than at City State Entertainment. There’s also operate getting performed on tech to make traps a reality which could potentially lead to triggering other animations or effects, new notion art for magic-utilizing Draugar, and the ever-continuing job of enhancing NPC pathfinding to cease them from clumping collectively and moving along much more intelligently amongst other updates. As ever, get the complete rundown right here and the weekly livestream under.


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