Wonderful news if you have an MSX2, as thanks to a heads up from a member in the MSX group, we’ve been told LOS AMORES DE BRUNILDA has been released on the MSX2 for free of charge with a industrial cartridge version due quickly! Yes certainly this extremely acclaimed game released previously on the ZX Spectrum created by Bitvision Software program, has been published by RetroWorks for the MSX2 with incredible graphical detail and sound with multi-language out there created by a Spanish group.

As noted by the Facebook post ” LOS AMORES DE BRUNILDA (Brunilda’s Loves), 1 of the most acclaimed freeware games created for eight-bit computer systems in the final years, has been just released also for the MSX2. This multi-language game, created by the spanish group BitVision and published by Retroworks, characteristics amazing graphics and sound in this port for the second generation of the japanese computer system, enhancing the currently excellent Spectrum version. For far more info about this historical release, really feel free of charge to go to its official web page, exactly where the game can be downloaded

Hyperlinks :1) Source  + ZX Spectrum version


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