Contest: Win a Steam copy of Rooster Teeth’s Vicious Circle


Today’s contest characteristics a Computer copy of uncooperative shooter Vicious Circle!

If a game has colour, I’m quite considerably quickly drawn to it. So numerous games these days just lack any sort of attractive colour schemes. It sucks! Vicious Circle appears quite cool, even though. Lots of neons and pinks and blues and stuff. Me likey.

We’re providing away a bunch of Steam keys so you can get in on the action. Come join up!

Study this description from Rooster Teeth Games.

Vicious Circle is an uncooperative multiplayer shooter set in a colorful however gritty sci-fi universe. Gameplay is speedy and frenetic with an emphasis on thwarting other players with dirty tricks at each turn. Be a mercenary and compete for loot, or take on the part of a huge monster and attempt to kill almost everything in your path. The initially player to gather the greatest haul and attain the evac zone wins – unless the player controlling the huge baddy gets them all initially.

Each and every player has an chance to play each monster and merc. Sessions are speedy and there are numerous methods to win, but players would be smart to bear in mind that what goes about, comes about.

I do not know about you guys, but this sort of game generally make me really feel like it’d be way extra enjoyable to be the monster all the time. Can you contact all-time monster? Dibs, if so.

How To Win

To enter to win, use the widget under to leave your name and e mail address. You can enter every day. For bonus entries, adhere to PCI and Rooster Teeth Games on Twitter, and share our contest post with your good friends.

Even though you are waiting, inform us a time you had been uncooperative in a video game. Way back in the day, my roommate and I utilised to fire up Halo Attain (or maybe ODST, I do not bear in mind at the moment), go into Slayers mode, and wait till our fellow human players weren’t searching and stab them in the back. They’d get so pissed off. We had been just getting jerks, and we received our fair share of temp bans from Xbox Reside. But man, it was enjoyable.

We have 20 Steam keys to give away winners will be drawn on Friday, August 30.

Vicious Circle is accessible now on Steam. Head more than to our sister websites, Destructoid and Every day Esports, for extra probabilities to win.

PCI Contest: Be (un)cooperative, win a Computer copy of Vicious Circle


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