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Hey guys,

Shabs right here, Game Director on Firewall Zero Hour*, the 4v4 tactical multiplayer shooter, exclusive to PS VR.

We’re definitely pumped to be celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Firewall Zero Hour’s launch. And what a year it is been!

More than the course of a year, we’ve released a quantity of updates to the game — at occasions straight influenced by the great feedback we’ve received from our players! Our remarkable neighborhood continues to develop stronger than ever, and we’re grateful for the recognition Firewall Zero Hour receives — such as becoming named the VR Game of the Year (2018) by UploadVR, and named a finalist for the VR Game of the Year Award (2019) by AIXR’s VR Awards.

Coming up on a year of playing Firewall Zero Hour, we also have some enjoyable information stats from the neighborhood to share with you. As of eight/13/19:

  • You have played more than four,28,896 total hours!
  • You have eliminated more than 26,833,576 enemies!
  • Your prime 3 selected Contractors are Texas, Red, and Skip!
  • Your prime 3 selected maps are Compound, District, and Hotel!
  • Your prime 3 selected weapons are Taylor X-75, Spitfire, and Taylor X-75 CQB!

In honor of all of these milestones, we’re excited to be placing collectively an Extended Free of charge Trial for active PS Plus members, August 28th – September 2nd!

In the course of this six-day Free of charge Trial, players can squad up and dive straight into battle—testing out the most up-to-date maps, weapons, and gear. Because launching 1 year ago, we’ve added four a lot more maps to the game (Containment, Hangar, F.O.B., Newsroom), plus new Contractors, weapons, and tons of customizations like camo skins, face paints, and trinkets. Players will get to attempt out the new cost-free missions from our most up-to-date season which launched August 13th, Operation: Dark Internet, and earn cost-free cosmetic rewards. There will also be a Double XP occasion taking place concurrently in the course of the six days–so players can level up even quicker in-game.

It is really the excellent time for new players to hop in and attempt out Firewall Zero Hour! To get you in gear for the Extended Free of charge Trial, we’re also bringing you a list of ten favourite techniques made use of by the Firewall Zero Hour neighborhood. Study up just before you squad up!

  1. Very first time stepping into the game? Attempt out the Tutorial, then attempt out Solo Education for a handful of distinctive maps. In Solo Education you will go up against AI, and get a really feel for what it is like to be an Attacker or Defender. You can also experiment with distinctive loadouts and their weaponry (Assault, CQB, Help). After you get the hang of distinctive game mechanics, you are prepared to attempt out Public Education, exactly where you and your teammates will play co-op against AI and discover the worth of teamwork by communication. Attempt out distinctive Contractors in this mode and see how their Key abilities play out.
  2. Now you are prepared for the heart of the gameplay — Public Contracts! In this mode, teams of 4v4 go head-to-head, and the stage is set for unpredictable outcomes. You will expertise what it is like to play as each an Attacker and a Defender, as your part switches soon after each round. Strategize collectively in the lobby and all through the match. Who’s staying collectively? Who’s going to flank? Vocal communication with your teammates is vital to your accomplishment.
  3. Experiment with distinctive loadouts, based on regardless of whether you are on the Attacking group or the Defending group. The Help loadout is a fantastic selection for new players, as you get access to the Revive Pistol correct away. The Help loadout also comes with a Signal Modifier, which is a fantastic tool if you are a Defender. When you location a Signal Modifier close to the laptop, Attackers have to uncover and destroy that Signal Modifier just before they can hack the laptop.
  4. There’s a new loadout this season referred to as the Operation loadout. It is an great alternative for these wanting to attempt out some of the most up-to-date gear in Firewall Zero Hour. The Operation loadout comes with the Raptor as principal weapon, the Sarge as secondary weapon, the C4 as lethal gear, and the Motion Sensor as tactical gear.
  5. The Motion Sensor is Firewall Zero Hour’s most up-to-date piece of gear, as of Operation: Dark Web’s launch. You will be confident to encounter players utilizing it, and you can test it out oneself with the Operation loadout. When a Motion Sensor is placed, a radius is engaged that can detect enemies. If an enemy enters this radius, their enemy outline will turn red and can be noticed by the player who placed the Motion Sensor. Teammates of this player will get a red-dot marker on their wrist tablets, but correct communication is nonetheless pretty significant among the player who areas a Motion Sensor and his/her teammates!
  6. Speaking of Motion Sensors — you could possibly be questioning what’s a very good counter to an enemy who areas a Motion Sensor. Verify out the Ninja Talent, Contractor Meiko’s Key Talent. This Talent offers you lowered movement noise, as effectively as renders you undetectable to a Motion Sensor.
  7. The Operation: Dark Internet season kicked off with a new Contractor, Kane**, whom you could possibly see in a lot of your matches. It is very good to be conscious of Kane’s Key Talent of Blade, which permits up to three knives to be thrown utilizing the melee button. How can you, as a player, counter against this sort of attack? Equip your Contractor with the Secondary Talent of Rhino Skin, which lets you take much less harm from knife attacks.
  8. All about the maps! Firewall Zero Hour now has thirteen distinctive maps, set in diverse places all through the planet. Take note of particular locations in maps that can actually function to your benefit, or detriment. With fantastic threat, comes fantastic reward…but also…risk! The catwalk in Shoothouse, the ditch in District, and the skybridge in Hangar are all notable spots exactly where each exclusive attacks and hazardous chokepoints can take place.
  9. Some maps are on the bigger side (Docks, Warehouse, District, Hangar, F.O.B., Newsroom) so be confident to retain that in thoughts when strategizing what could possibly function greatest for them — such as equipping Abilities like Double Time (Diaz’s Key Skill–faster movement speed) and equipping lengthy-variety weapons, like the Kruger.
  10. In the course of the Extended Free of charge Trial, you will be in a position to comprehensive a assortment of Operation: Dark Internet missions and earn cost-free rewards–and you will retain all your progress if you choose to get the game. Some of the cost-free rewards in the course of the Operation: Dark Internet season include things like weapons, camo, trinkets, and face paints. Numerous missions will demand you to comprehensive a process (or numerous) in a certain map, or by utilizing a certain Talent or weapon–giving you an array of intriguing missions to comprehensive. As a speedy reminder: Firewall Zero Hour will quickly welcome a further cost-free new map, Cargo, at the mid-season update September 17th!

Nicely there you have it, Contractors.

We’re excited to be welcoming even a lot more of you into the fray!

And we’re more than-the-moon to be celebrating 1 year of enjoyable with you in wildly unpredictable multiplayer matches, across realistic maps, and with a player base that now spans more than 150 distinctive countries…all on PS VR!

For these of you who have been with us considering that day 1 — we thank you once again for staying on this wild ride with us, 1 year on.

Let’s squad up, and I’ll see you on-line, Contractor!

– Shabs

*An world-wide-web connection is essential for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, which includes Single Player Education Mode. An active PS Plus membership is essential for Multiplayer Education and Multiplayer Contract modes.

**Firewall Zero Hour – Dark Internet Op Pass essential to unlock contractor Kane.

PlayStation®4 program, PlayStation®VR and PlayStation®Camera are essential to expertise VR functionality.


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