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It is properly recognized (sort of) that our Adrian is a enormous Jaguar fan, so significantly so that he’s converted at least 1 other Arcade Attack member (ahem! – Ed). A large element of this conversion was the speak of a SD answer (like an Everdrive) for the “64-bit” console. It seems that it is lastly right here courtesy of Retro HQ! Adrian bit all of our arms off to be in a position to have a chat with Retro HQ best dog James Boulton about the Jaguar SD itself and significantly extra Atari/Jaguar goodness. And here’s the hyperlink you want to stick to to pre-order 1 of the initial round!


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James, wonderful to have you right here. We are big Atari Jaguar fans right here at Arcade Attack. Please inform us the most up-to-date on the fascinating JagSD?

The initial batch of Jaguar SD cartridges have been offered the go-ahead for production, and I’m functioning on tidying up the user interface and firmware update process at the moment. We’ve tested all industrial titles are functioning properly, and also a lot of homebrew has been tested.

We have help for lots of unique file formats, covering the standard industrial ROM photos as properly as the unique formats of homebrew. I have even integrated a improvement server in there so you can upload and execute your personal code straight from your Computer more than USB!


What games can we count on to see on the JagSD and will they contain Jaguar CD games as properly?

The all round purpose with my SD cartridges is to get all attainable content material functioning on the technique, but my main purpose is generally to make confident all the industrial releases for the technique are functioning. So far we have the industrial cartridge library functioning, and the majority of homebrew.

There is also perform-in-progress CD help which is operating various CD games to some degree. This will not be accessible in the initial release, but I strategy to add CD help as a complete function just after launch, if I can make it perform properly sufficient. There are no promises on this, but I’ve created fantastic progress so far!


Which Jaguar game proved the most tricky to get functioning on the JagSD, and how did you get round this dilemma?

No specific game was extra tricky than any other, as if the simulated ROM access is functioning properly, all the things just performs. While some games had a tendency to show up timing challenges extra than other people. Tempest 2000 and the Phase Zero prototype have been two titles I’d verify when creating any modifications to the ROM access, as they each use the ROM in a way which can show up as graphical glitches.


If you could pick out 1 of the lots of infamous unreleased Jaguar games to be totally completed and on your JagSD, which game would you pick out and why?

It would be the Conan demo from the 1995 CES. I’m a large fan of co-op arcade beat ’em ups, and by the appears of the demo this could have been a definitely good game for the Jaguar. It is 1 of the game genres the Jaguar is lacking, and 1 it could do particularly properly!


When do you hope to full the JagSD and exactly where is the ideal spot to hold up to date with its most up-to-date developments?

The initial batch of cartridge PCB’s must be with me in about three weeks (this interview was performed early July so this must have passed – Ed), but I want to get the cartridge shells created and also create and get the manual printed! Not to mention finish tidying and fine tuning the cartridge itself. So there’s a couple of extra weeks however, but I’m on the finishing stretch, lastly!

For most up-to-date updates the ideal spot to appear is either the RetroHQ web-site, which is at present at, or on Twitter @TheRetroHQ.



Please inform us a tiny about your self, your background in video games and how you got began in all of this.

My pleasure! Expanding up in the late 70’s and 80’s I really feel fortunate that I grew up as computer systems, consoles and games did. Year just after year extra great games and hardware just kept appearing, and arcades have been the spot you’d go to drool at the graphics and gameplay you just couldn’t have at dwelling.

It was seeing the issues that weren’t attainable on dwelling computer systems that drove me to attempt and figure out how it could be completed and gave me a genuine interest in gaming technologies. So unsurprisingly I ended up functioning in the games sector, specialising in the tools and technologies behind lots of games from the PS1 era up to present day.


How was RetroHQ established and what have been your initial ambitions?

RetroHQ is definitely a hobby which got a bit out of manage! I’ve generally been interested in electronics, sparking initially from wanting to know how the computer systems I was making use of basically worked, but I hadn’t completed significantly about it till not too long ago.

I decided I wanted to get a bit extra practical experience in electronics, so I began on some very simple electronics projects for old 8bit computer systems as a way of providing myself some sensible practical experience. Right after undertaking a couple of of these compact projects, and promoting a couple of to other enthusiasts, I decided to have a go at one thing a bit larger.

This became the Lynx SD cartridge, and this is when I realised there was basically some affordable interest from other people today in the issues I love constructing.


Can you run us by means of a common day at RetroHQ and give us a tiny background on your goods?

I’ve generally got lots on the go, so I have a tendency to finish up jumping about among a lot of unique issues! You have got your regular day-to-day stuff like answering any tech help inquiries and maintaining up with forum and Twitter posts, but I’ve also created the web-site and on the web shop from scratch, so I have a tiny upkeep on that as properly.

When all of the extra mundane stuff is taken care of, I split my time among establishing new goods (such as the Jaguar SD at the moment) and refining current goods. A fantastic instance of this is the new selective laser sintered shell I made for the NeoGeo Pocket SD not too long ago, which enhanced upon the current shell each in make good quality and ease of production.

I’m also re-designing the Lynx SD at the moment — the Lynx SD Slim, I’m calling it! It is making use of a laser sintered case and I’ve redesigned the PCB to make it compact sufficient to match in the Lynx 1 & two, as properly as upgrading the microcontroller to speed up game loading.

I’m generally going that added mile to fantastic issues.


We see from your existing performs that you created many SD carts. What are they and how do they perform on classic consoles?

Most people today know these kind of carts as Everdrives or FLASH carts. It is generally a way for people today to play the ROM photos they would commonly be playing on an emulator, on genuine hardware. They perform by simulating the ROM that would be in a standard game cartridge by making use of FLASH memory or RAM, and permitting you to load your game of option into the simulated ROM.


What is your individual favourite Jaguar game of all time and can you clarify why?

I believe it has to be Tempest 2000! I don’t forget playing it a lot when I was a kid. I basically took a trip with a buddy of mine to HMV in London to invest in 1 of the initial Jaguars in the nation, and I don’t forget playing a lot of Tempest 2000 with the Jaguar hooked up to my stereo.



Why do you believe the Jaguar has had such a large resurgence in the homebrew scene and how do you personally reflect back on Atari’s final ever console?

I believe with the Jaguar there’s just so significantly extra it could have been! I’ve generally been fascinated by the Jaguars hardware, just simply because it was definitely “out there” at the time. The possible energy of all the custom chips is quite impressive for a machine of its generation, and the Jaguar two hardware could definitely have been one thing to contend with the PlayStation.

I believe this is the primary explanation the Jaguar has the following it does. It just could have been so significantly extra than it was.


Have you ever coded your personal video game or ever been tempted? And if so, can you clarify to our readers under some of your creations or tips?

I’ve been a expert game developer for the final 20+ years and have worked commercially on quite significantly all consoles from the PS1 era up-to existing day. I’m especially proud of the perform we did at Eiconic games, a corporation setup by myself and some ex-colleagues of Travellers Tales Oxford. I was accountable for all the tools and technologies at Eiconic, and we did some definitely good stuff for such a compact studio. Take a appear at Squeeballs for the Wii, Mercury HG for PSN/XBL and Squaddies for iOS for some of the issues we did. The final industrial game I worked on was Project Vehicles two prior to moving to RetroHQ complete time.

I nevertheless have the concept of writing a Jaguar game at the back of my thoughts, although! If there’s sufficient interest, it might come about 1 day. I’d like to do one thing along the lines of Vendetta for the Jaguar, and definitely push what it can do.


When functioning on retro consoles, are they very simple to perform on or does it rely a lot on every single specific machine?

It depends quite significantly on the console! Anybody who has worked on the Jaguar knows it is a quite unstable piece of hardware, significantly extra so than most. Contemporary day hardware is surely far simpler to perform with, but you are significantly additional removed from the actual hardware. There’s one thing I definitely love about pushing the limits of older hardware, significantly extra so than contemporary consoles.


Do you believe consoles with CD-ROMs as their media are a possibility for a future projects for RetroHQ?

Yes, I’ve had the NeoGeo CD and Mega CD at the back of my thoughts for the subsequent large project! While I believe Furrtek is functioning on the NGCD ODE and the MegaSD quite significantly tends to make a Mega CD ODE redundant now. So we’ll see exactly where I go subsequent!


What are your future plans for your self and RetroHQ? Any large endeavours that you have up your sleeve that the gaming neighborhood would be interested to know?

There are so lots of games consoles and old computer systems out there, the choices are quite limitless! A different location I might discover are RGB or HDMI mods. I basically began an HDMI mod for the AtarI ST lots of years ago, a extended time prior to everyone else was undertaking them, but lacked the talent to make it all come about at the time. So it is an location I’d like to revisit.


Out of all the consoles that exist in the history of video games, what is your individual favourite and can you clarify why?

That is a difficult 1. Oddly, I’m not definitely significantly of a game player any longer, and by no means owned a console as a kid. I generally had computer systems, I went from a ZX Spectrum to an Amstrad CPC then to an Atari ST, exactly where I definitely discovered to system.

I believe the console I was generally most impressed by, although, was the NeoGeo AES (that’ll be music to our Anthony’s ears! – Ed). I don’t forget seeing it for the initial time in the flesh at Earls Court in London at 1 of the computer system shows when I was about 15. How could you not like an arcade machine dwelling console?! It is nevertheless a gorgeous piece of hardware.


Do you have any guidance to everyone hunting to perform in the classic consoles and retro scene such as yourselves?

You definitely have to be definitely passionate about the retro scene to make it a living. There are surely niches out there, but it is surely not the easiest way to earn a living. But undertaking one thing you basically like for a living… cannot beat it!


Can you list and clarify your best three video games of all time?

My best video games might be a tiny unique from lots of! Getting extra of a computer system user than console, mine are going to be computer system primarily based. Narrowing it down to 3 is definitely difficult, although! I’m a large fan of RPG’s and adventure games, so my alternatives are definitely influenced by this —

1: Daggerfall — this was the initial game I definitely, definitely, got lost in!
two: Quest for Glory — a cross more than RPG adventure from Sierra.
three: Civilisation — 1 of the most engrossing approach games of all time!


James, thank you for all the information and a wonderful chat. 1 extra prior to you head off to fantastic the Jaguar SD, if you could share a couple of drinks with a video game character who would you pick out and why?

Guybrush Threepwood. I reckon he’d have a plentiful provide of grog and extra tall tales than you can shake a stick at.