Yakuza Remastered interview: producer Daisuke Sato on bringing the full Kiryu saga to PS4


Surprise! Sega is bringing PlayStation four versions of Yakuza three, four and five to the West – and the 1st of the trio is out now. We spoke to Yakuza Series Producer Daisuke Sato about the surprise release.

In case you missed the out-of-nowhere reveal, the Yakuza Remastered Collection is gathering Yakuza three, four and five collectively on PlayStation four. The trio will be released physically in February of subsequent year, but fans desperate to get began will be in a position to obtain a digital ‘season pass’ that’ll get them access to all 3 games as they’re prepared, beginning proper now with Yakuza three. Yakuza four will stick to in a handful of months, then the collection will be completed digitally just prior to the boxed version hitting retailers.

Just prior to the news was revealed to the planet, we sat down with Yakuza series producer Daisuke Sato – who appears gleeful to be fulfilling a specifically sturdy fan demand, even as we cheekily ask about a Computer version. Here’s our chat.

VG247: This is definitely a bit of a surprise announcement… so how did bringing these remasters to the West come about?

Daisuke Sato:: There was a large raise in the fanbase of Yakuza beginning with Yakuza on the PS4. These fans who joined Yakuza on the PS4 know Kiwami and Kiwami two, they know Yakuza and 6… so we decided to bring out Yakuza three, four and five on PS4 for this fanbase as effectively, to permit them to practical experience the complete storyline of Yakuza and all of the most important characters.

VG247: So, for fans familiar with the original games, are there any main variations amongst the original versions and these remastered versions?

Daisuke Sato: So, as it is a remaster 1 concentrate was to up the graphics to 1080p and up the frame price from 30fps to 60fps, so it is significantly extra smooth. On best of that, there have been a number of factors, particularly in Yakuza three, that have been reduce from the PS3 version. Stuff like shogi, mahjong, the massage parlor, the cabaret club… all of this is now accessible in the new remaster.

Also, concerning the translations, it is not the old translations from the PS3 versions. The group that is been localizing the Yakuza games because Yakuza has now reworked the translation to make it extra understandable, smooth and all-natural. So there’s a larger high-quality of translation and localization, as well.

VG247: You are releasing the 3 games 1-by-1 digitally more than the course of a number of months – what was the considering behind carrying out that?

Daisuke Sato: The original program was to release all 3 games in February 2020. We began to create them – 1 at a time, 1 following the other… and for the reason that of that, we reached a circumstance exactly where Yakuza three is currently carried out, four is in the mastering stage and five is nonetheless a operate in progress. Just after discussing it with the promoting group, they believed that when we announce it fans could possibly want to get their hands on it as quickly as probable.

That is how we got to releasing it digitally as the season pass beforehand although maintaining the original planned release date with the boxed versions.

VG247: What do you consider newer fans will get out of these releases, provided they’ve currently played newer games which are arguably extra refined function-smart?

Daisuke Sato: Everyone who played Yakuza , Kiwami, Kiwami two and possibly six – this can ultimately finish the storyline. I’m seriously delighted that I can deliver these games so that the customers can practical experience the complete story. Also, particularly in four and five, there are many most important characters. In four there are 4 playable characters, although in five there are 5. The 1st time you play these characters oneself, I consider you can get a quite deep understanding of these characters and who they are, what moves them.

I consider this is quite beneficial in assisting to make the complete planet and surroundings of Yakuza. Also, I imply, there are some characters that seem in Yakuza six, but for these who just jumped in with six, they could possibly not be all that quick to grasp. These characters develop into significantly extra relatable when you have played three, four and five.

VG247: What’s it like revisiting these titles as a creator? How do you consider they’ve aged?

Daisuke Sato: I directed Yakuza three, and I have a lot of memories of it. As I was returning to it and comparing it to newer gaming systems… it is sort of like an itch that you cannot scratch! [laughs] Of course if you evaluate it to the newer games it is of course not of the sort of high-quality that we’ve reached now – but on the other hand you can also see exactly where a lot of stuff that appeared in six began at in three.

In this sense, you can practical experience the history in a handful of strategies. You can practical experience the history of the planet, the story and the characters in this game, but you can also practical experience how the game systems evolved more than time.

VG247: I consider it is fair to say that Yakuza’s Western fans are pretty vocal. They know what they want and they’ll ask for it… so does it really feel like a weight is getting lifted by acquiring these out there?

Daisuke Sato: We would like to have carried out this earlier, definitely. The order in the West is completely screwed – it is like , six, 1, 2… and now three, four, five! [laughs] But it is sort of, like… I’m now just quite delighted exactly where we’ve made an atmosphere exactly where the customers that began on PS4 can practical experience the complete story.

VG247: You are about to start off a new journey with a new Yakuza game – but do you consider these games deliver an exciting context when thought of subsequent to what’s to come?

Daisuke Sato: So, we’re about to restart the series with a new most important character, and we’re placing a lot of work in to make confident that anybody who hasn’t played any of the older titles will be in a position to appreciate it.

But that said… of course there are fans that played all the old games, and there’ll most likely also be some minor plots or facts that could possibly be extra enjoyable if you are familiar with the old stories. I wouldn’t say it is deeper – that is not pretty the proper word – but there’ll be anything there for fans who have followed it all.

VG247: Fans are never ever seriously actually delighted – there’s generally a different issue on the list… and you have had a lot of good results on Computer. Is that anything exactly where, if you could make it come about, you’d like to get the full saga onto the Computer Platform?

Daisuke Sato: [laughs] I cannot comment on that at this quite moment.

…but I wouldn’t say it will not ever come about.

VG247: I’m fairly confident the fans are going to be ecstatic. Is there something specific you want to get out to the fans alongside this reveal?

Daisuke Sato: 1st off, there are most likely a lot of fans who have been waiting for this for a lengthy time. All I can say is that we’re quite sorry to have kept you waiting for so lengthy!

On the other hand, there could possibly be individuals who may well have been hesitant prior to who could possibly now play the games now that the series is full and they can play it the way it was supposed to be played. I’m hoping for some new players coming to the series via that. I’m seriously excited for everyone to play, and to collect feedback… and I seriously hope everyone enjoys it.


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