Predator: Hunting Grounds gameplay revealed in new trailer


A gameplay reveal trailer for IllFonic’s Predator: Hunting Grounds was showcased through Gamescom Opening Evening Reside, in which human soldiers have been slain by the alien and unveiled the perspectives of the prey and the Predator.

The humans have a common initial individual shooter interface, with a map, directional HUD, the overall health and status of their group, and objectives in this case, upload malware to the Stargazers network. Although the humans have the numbers, the Predator has agility, camouflage, infra-red vision skills, and a massive, blue explodey point. 

I’ve now been told to watch the original Predator with Arnold Schwarzengger, but not Predator two, and possibly Predators, because I haven’t watched any Predator films and that is allegedly a crime. 

Predator: Hunting Grounds is due to launch in 2020 on PlayStation four. Watch the gameplay trailer under.



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