New Smite Goddess Persephone Joins the Battleground on Xbox 1


Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, claims her throne in the thrilling new Smite update obtainable now on Xbox 1!

As the daughter of Zeus and Demeter, Persephone’s fate was generally decided by other individuals. So when she saw her opportunity to act alone, Persephone took it. Hades presented Persephone a not-so-easy decision: a seed of a pomegranate, grown in the underworld.

Persephone was clever. She understood what was getting presented. These who consume the meals of the underworld are bound to it and will have to return. So, for the very first time, Persephone took handle of her life — and her throne in the underworld.

Persephone is Queen of the Underworld, but actually only in title. She does not aspire to the very same royal desires of somebody like Hera, Zeus, or Olorun. As an alternative, Persephone guidelines the Underworld like she would have a tendency to a garden, cultivating beauty. Her need to see the beauty in death is detailed by way of her skills.

Whether or not it be her reawakened skeletal warriors or her ghastly bloomed flowers, Persephone’s kit demonstrates the idea of life and death, combined. As a mage, Persephone’s gameplay mainly focuses on extended variety magical harm. But Persephone is as opposed to any other mage in Smite she cultivates the Battleground with deployable skull plants, then triggers them to bloom, attack, and trap her foes. For this God, a bountiful harvest is complete of gold and kills.


Just like our neighborhood, we’re thrilled to see Persephone in game. But we’re even additional thrilled to conclude a 4-month-extended occasion in this update: The Battle for Olympus has come to an finish! We’re celebrating with the remarkable new Tier five Winds of Adjust Kukulkan skin, which transforms among 3 types as you play. Wield tornadoes with butterflies as a force of life, cast dark magic with the energy of the void, or soar resplendently as an agent of the heavens — the decision is yours! Do not miss out on this extraordinary skin you have to see to think.

As often, there’s a ton additional good content material in this new update. Whether or not you are searching forward to celebrating Persephone’s homecoming, rocking the new Tier five skin, or just pwning noobs in the Arena, we can not wait to see you in the Battleground of the Gods!

Smite is obtainable now as a totally free-to-play game on Xbox 1. Download it right now from the Microsoft Shop.


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