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Vegetables Commodore 64

Vegetables is bringing Bejeweled style puzzle enjoyable to your Commodore 64. Bejeweled is a game that designed a new subgenre in the puzzle category. With this new style of head scratcher came hundreds, if not thousands, of related titles. Independent homebrew developers, becoming an active lot, have taken the torch and run with it. One particular such developer has designed a Bejeweled style game for Commodore 64 known as Vegetables.

Fundamentals of a match three game

For these that have lived below a rock because the late 90’s, right here is a refresher on match three games. Generally, you are presented with a screen filled with anything, gems, rocks, what ever. There is a preset colour/style to these objects and your job is to match them. When matching 3 or far more, therefore the name of the category, they disappear. When matches are produced, the rest of the objects fall and fill in the empty space.

This continues for a predetermined quantity of rounds, points are scored, and so on. A lot like Tetris, match three games are developed for you to drop at some point. How far you make it has just as considerably to do with ability as luck right here.

Do not contact it a clone

Whilst Vegetables and Bejeweled are pretty related, there are a couple of variations. These variations are not as drastic as Columns versus Tetris even though. They are mainly game management variations.

Bejeweled had a score method even though Vegetables does not. Rather, right here your total matches are kept track of. I favor this technique when playing these sorts of games unless there is a quest solution. It is effortless to play the scoreboard but no so considerably when matches are the score. You are either excellent or not.

History of the programmer

According to our buddies more than at Indie Retro News, Vegetables is programmed by Mike Richmond. This is Richmond’s very first foray into Assembly programming, designed for the RGCD 16k competitors 2019.

Interestingly, Richmond apparently has not programmed something in the final 25 years. That tends to make Vegetables for the Commodore 64 his return to game improvement. Really cool. Indie Retro News has a plethora of info on other folks that helped make Vegetables a reality. Please show them some help as we are all in this with each other.


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