You can pet the dog in Blair Witch


I do not Twana my dog to die

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You hear the phrase “Blair Witch video game” and your initial believed as an inexplicably loyal fan is: “Oh Gods, please do not balls it up.” Effectively, I’m delighted to say in spite of that initial concern, I located a hands-on preview of the upcoming addition to the located footage terror universe to be inspiring of some self-confidence. If you want to know additional, specifically about the protagonist’s pet dog, Bullet, then you really should give this right here video wot I produced a watch.

House owners Lionsgate have provided Bloober Group, developers of artist breakdown simulator Layers Of Worry and cyberpunk horror-noir Observer, the freedom to play with any and all issues Blair Witch. The game is set in 1996, two years just after the events of The Blair Witch Project, and follows an ex-cop named Ellis, and additional importantly his dog and really great boy Bullet.

It does a lot of exciting issues. The fundamental bits to know are that we will not see the Blair Witch, it is initial and foremost a psychological horror game. It tracks how you move, what you interact with, and how you treat Bullet, and utilizes that all to transform how the game plays out and which of a number of endings you will get.

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