‘What Remains’ Hides Dire Secrets in an NES Cartridge



You are all excited when you feel you have got a neat brand new game in What Remains, but all you finish up with are secrets that may perhaps quit an imminent threat. BORING.

Nicely, not at all boring, in fact. You are coming property from a skate session to discover that a game cartridge has discovered its way into your lap. You naturally race to your buddy’s location to give it a shot, but rather of locating oneself playing some platformer, you are faced with an array of encrypted files and mysterious photos. It is a tiny regarding, specifically considering that you will will need to figure out these files if you are to save the town of Sunny Peaks.

Obtaining a pal to assistance you (as properly as a sort cat for backup) will go a extended way in unraveling these secrets, but do not rely on them as well a lot. You will want to hurry points along oneself, due to the fact when you are operating on these strange files, you will discover your town of Sunny Peaks is continually altering for the weirder. Not that the eighties backdrop does not currently make points a tiny bit weird to start with.

What Remains aims to give some charming nostalgia alongside some risky mystery and tales of heartwarming friendships. It is also got a touch of that mystery that surrounds a strange new game you have just found, capturing that sense of surprise, delight, and horror that can come from locating out what your new game is in fact like.

What Remains is obtainable now as an NES rom on itch.io, or you can order a physical cartridge of the game from the developer’s web page.