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Digital storefronts like the App Retailer have paved the way for solo developers to get their passion projects in front of the globe, and I’m constantly blown away by the varieties of top quality experiences that are the outcome of just a single individual. 1 of the most impressive examples of this is Nimian Legends: Brightridge from developer Robert Kabwe aka Protopop Games. Initially launching in 2014, Brightridge presented a beautiful open globe to discover and get lost in, but lacked most of the conventional story components and structure we’ve come to anticipate from open-globe RPGs. It was a lot more just about enjoying the scenery. In 2016 a remastered version of the game named Nimian Legeds: Brightridge HD ($three.99) was released, and more than the previous couple of years that game has been updated with all sorts of distinct missions and story components, ultimately bringing it a lot more in line with a conventional entry in the genre. Small did we know that Protopop had a entire strategy mapped out in his head for the Nimian Legends series, and in January we posted about the comply with-up title Nimian Legends: Vandgels. Here’s the most current, and gorgeous, trailer.

Back in January Protopop was hunting for beta testers to take Vandgels for a spin, and the game has fairly considerably been in open beta ever due to the fact for anyone hunting to attempt it out. Having said that, this previous weekend Protopop announced that Vandgels is ultimately all completed up, and he’d like to when once again get some a lot more folks play testing the final solution to smooth out any rough edges ahead of the official launch. If playing a beautiful, open-globe game for cost-free sounds like your cup of tea, then mash away at this public Testflight hyperlink on your iOS device and verify out the beta make of Vandgels for oneself. You can give up any feedback straight via Testflight or drop your thoughts in the thread in our forums. We will be eagerly awaiting a final release date for Nimian Legends: Vandgels, and with a third and fourth entry currently brewing in Protopop’s brain I’m genuinely hunting forward to exactly where the complete series heads in the future.


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