[UPDATE] Orcs Ought to Die! three is a Google Stadia Exclusive


UPDATE: Robot Entertainment has clarified that Orcs Ought to Die! three is only a timed Google Stadia exclusive.

UPDATE: On Reddit, CEO of Robot Entertainment Patrick Hudson clarified that the Orcs Ought to Die! 3’s Google Stadia exclusive billing in the course of the Stadia Connect was misleading, as it is only a timed exclusive on Google’s cloud primarily based platform. Google did make this game feasible and helped to get the studio out of a rough patch, but Orcs Ought to Die! three will be coming to other platforms in the future. It also clarifies that the game will be launching in Spring 2020. His entire statement is as follows:

Hi all, I’m Patrick Hudson, the CEO of Robot. OMD3 is a timed exclusive on Stadia. The background on that selection:

Soon after shutting down OMDU, Robot had to downsize our studio. We had re-sized and focused on generating smaller sized games than an OMD game. We didn’t know when or if we would get back to the OMD franchise.

We met with Google to study much more about Stadia for our other projects. We found that the individuals at Google are massive fans of OMD. That led to an exploration of what could possibly be feasible with an OMD game on Stadia. We each got excited about our tips and decided to go just after it.

OMD3 would not be feasible currently with no Google’s help. They are behind the game in a massive way. We’ve hired much more developers to bring it to life. It is the OMD game that fans of the initial two games have been wanting, and we’re thrilled that we have the chance to make it.

When OMD3 releases in spring 2020, it will be a timed exclusive on Stadia. We’ll say much more about other platforms in the future.

We’re getting a lot of exciting playing OMD3 inside the studio, and we hope you appreciate it as considerably as we do.

ORIGINAL STORY: With Google Stadia is coming out in November, Google is beginning to show their hand much more when it comes to exclusive games. We’ve currently observed games like Gylt from Tequila Operates and Get Packed, and in the course of today’s Stadia Connect, Orcs Ought to Die! three from Robot Entertainment was announced and confirmed to be a Google Stadia exclusive. A gameplay trailer was released to give us a superior concept of how it will play, even though if you are familiar to the Orcs Ought to Die series you really should know what to count on. You can verify that out beneath:

Following that trailer, an additional video featuring some of the game’s developers was released. In it, they clarify how they had been impressed with the energy of Google Stadia when they checked it out in early 2018. As Google Stadia’s technologies permitted them to not be held back by the technical limitations of other consoles, they created it an exclusive. This implies players will hopefully be in a position to fight and kill gigantic hordes of orcs with no any notable slowdown.

You can watch Robot Entertainment’s official dev diary for the game beneath. Orcs Ought to Die! three is presently in improvement exclusively for Google Stadia.


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