Underworld Ascendant’s Linux port has now been released


Get prepared to dungeon crawl! Immediately after several delays, the sequel to the classic Ultima Underworld games has lastly observed a Linux release.

1st off—to address the elephant in the room—Underworld Ascendant was completely savaged for the duration of its initial release. There have been bugs aplenty and I saw complaints that it felt like an unfinished item. It is been about nine months considering the fact that its original release and, considering the fact that then, there have been numerous main updates to the title. I haven’t followed improvement closely adequate to assure you that all of these issues have been addressed but the patch notes considering the fact that study like rather main adjustments across the board.

From the hour or so that I’ve spent with the game, the Linux port appears to be a strong one particular. Overall performance was steady and there have been no stability difficulties. The only true situation I’ve noticed is that the brightness slider does not look to do something. Judging from forum posts, on the other hand, that may possibly nicely be a cross-platform situation introduced in this newest patch and will hopefully get sorted out quickly.

Underworld Ascendant is otherwise a initially-particular person dungeon crawler that sees players deal with all sorts of obstacles and enemies. There’s a heavy emphasis on lateral pondering with the physics and components of the regions getting feasible methods to deal with adversity. As an instance, wooden doors can be burned down or bashed in lieu of making use of a crucial and enemies can be coaxed to stroll into traps.

I haven’t played adequate to be in a position to inform you additional than just the fundamentals of the technique but I did notice that the AI reacts to items like illumination and how stealthily you method it. There’s also a robust magic technique and no preordained classes when it comes to character creating so you can make up the type of character that you choose as you go along. From what I’ve observed as a result far there’s a lot of space for experimentation in how regions and enemies can be approached.

That mentioned, I did notice a couple of significantly less-than-stellar concerns with combat and the AI that make me feel that not all the concerns have been sorted but. Combat feels a bit clunky and not as smooth as I may possibly have liked, judging from my initially couple of encounters. It is not enough to turn me off from the game but but items like silly clipping and enemies attacking from the other side of a closed door definitely haven’t left a specifically good impression upon me.

I’m cautiously optimistic about what I’ve observed so far and appear forward to sinking in additional time with the game in the coming days and weeks. It is an ambitious game for confident and the lengthy wait we Linux gamers have had to endure may possibly be nicely worth the value for all the balance and polish the game has gotten considering the fact that launch.

You can choose up a copy of Underworld Ascendant on the Humble Retailer or Steam.

Write-up taken from GamingOnLinux.com.


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