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In the 1980s every person wanted to have a Commodore 64. Nevertheless, a lot of households, like mine, could not afford a single. I owned the C64’s low-cost and cheerful small sister, the Commodore Plus/four (connected to a black and white transportable Television).

The Plus/four along with its brother the Commodore 16 had been Commodore’s entry-level replacement for the ageing VIC-20. However, in spite of recognition in Europe and Mexico they had been a large flop in the US and had been discontinued following two years.

The Plus/four was much less strong than the C64, with no sprite capability and a significantly weaker sound chip. It did have a faster processor, far better Simple language, and quite a few far more colours. This permitted game developers to produce some fantastic games for each the Plus/four and the C16.

Right here are some of the fantastic games I enjoyed playing throughout these years.

Spore was a simplified Gauntlet clone style maze game. It was initially obtainable on the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum, with the C16 version becoming the very same as the C64 version (except for the music) and in quite a few techniques far better than the ZX Spectrum version released by Mastertronic in 1987.

The outstanding function was the game incorporated a level editor for customers to produce their personal maps, which kept me delighted for quite a few hours.

A remake of Spore for Computer is obtainable from the tdbsoft website.

Kikstart c16

Kickstart C16 was primarily based on the arcade game Superbike. As opposed to the other eight-bit versions which had been inspired by the BBC Television series Kick Commence. Though the C16 game nonetheless utilized the “Mr Walkie Talkie – Be My Boogie Woogie Baby” music.

Treasure Island

A release title for the Commodore Plus/four (not obtainable for the C16), based on the book by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was a flip-screen style game, exactly where the player is Jim Hawkins. You’d have to battle by means of a maze of rooms avoiding cutlass becoming thrown at you by pirates though attempting to locate the treasure. When this was discovered you would be chased back to your boat by Extended John Silver.

This game was fantastic entertaining and even far better than the ZX Spectrum, and Commodore 64 versions.

Fist C16
Way of the Exploding Fist

A C16 game in which the player requires component in a series of a single-on-one karate matches, all overseen by a smart master. Fights had been not won employing the power bars discovered in contemporary fighting games, but rather, the player necessary to get two points. You would earn a point by receiving a clean strike on your opponent, something else would give you half a point. When the player defeats an opponent, they move up to the subsequent stage and a far more complicated adversary.

The significantly far better C64 version of the game was successfully converted to the Plus/four.

Icicle Works Screenshot
Icicle Operates

This Plus/four only title was a Christmas themed Boulder Dash clone exactly where you take the function of Santa Claus attempting to retrieve his Christmas Presents. Santa would require to watch out Polar Bears and Penguins, as a single touch from them tends to make him explode into Christmas Presents.

Commando Screenshot

Commando was a Commodore 16 conversion of the Arcade game of the very same name. As opposed to the arcade, this game did not scroll and only incorporated 5 single-screen levels. Regardless of this, as a young man, I discovered it difficult, and I do not feel I ever completed it.

A plus/four conversion of the C64 version has been made by the very same guy who converted Exploding Fist.


The player controls a ninja saboteur. The process is to break into a safety developing (disguised as a warehouse) and steal a disk. The saboteur have to fight by means of the developing to receive the disk and then escape through a helicopter on the roof just before the time limit runs out. The player could set up a bomb to destroy the developing for bonus points.

Saboteur C16 version

When you bought Saboteur! You got two versions of this game. A C16 version and an enhanced Plus/four only version. The Plus/four version of the game is the very same as the other 8bit versions and is a fantastic hunting game. The Commodore 16 version is frankly a load of old pants. The game was developed to run on computer systems with at least 48k of ram, so it is missing components, for instance, you can’t kill the guard dogs or use a joystick. This version occupies practically every single single byte of memory on the C16, but nonetheless manages to appear terrible.

Finders Keepers Screenshot
Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers was the 1st game in the Magic Knight series of games (the other individuals becoming Spellbound, Knight Tyme and Stormbringer). It is a platform game with some maze sections. The hero begins in the King’s throne room and is transported, through a teleporter, to the castle. The castle is created up of two varieties of playing location: flick-screen rooms in the manner of a platform game and two giant scrolling mazes. The C64 version of the game has 3 attainable options. However, they had to reduce a lot of issues out from the C16 version, so it ends up with only a single, but it was nonetheless a fantastic game.

Soccer Boss

A football management game in the style of Football Manager but with
far more options. You commence in the fourth division and have to take your
group to the major. You could also compete in FA Cup and European Cup.

This was the 1st Football Manager game I’ve ever owned. I had played Football Manager on the C64 and Spectrum, but this game had a lot far more options and issues to handle.

The funny factor about this game is that it was written in simple. So you could break it, and re-create it if you wanted.

Spiky Harold Screenshot
Spiky Harold

Spiky Harold was the 1st hedgehog video game, and he surely wasn’t blue. He was brought to us by Firebird Application in 1986.

The notion of the game is to aid Harold locate adequate meals to go into hibernation for the winter.

Every single of the chambers beneath the hedgerow includes an item of meals which Harold can consume. Nevertheless, he have to stay clear of the creatures who will attempt to quit him, as nicely as conkers, sulphur clouds, bouncing balls and peeping periscopes. On his travels, Harold may possibly locate some coins which will give him further lives, and wine glasses that will make him drunk.

A PC remake of the game is obtainable to download

Tazz Screenshot

Tazz is a clone of the arcade game Tazz Mania, which was a clone of Robotron 2048. It was created by Bubble Bus in 1986. The story of the game is you have miniaturised into a laptop or computer to gate crash a wild celebration hosted by a truly nasty bunch of bugs. You do this by shooting the bugs. You also require to stay clear of the bouncing sprite and by the crushing walls.

Mindless and really silly, but most of all, entertaining.


If you had an eight-bit laptop or computer, you have currently heard of Thrust. It is a classic 2D dimensional physics-primarily based game. The aim is to manoeuvre a spaceship about unique planets. You rotate and thrust about though avoiding limpet guns and stealing pods. It was initially programmed on the BBC Micro and Acorn Electron, but it was converted to most 8bit computer systems such as the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Atari and Commodore 16 as nicely as the Vectrex and Atari 2600 game consoles. Due to the games very simple idea, all versions of the game are fairly significantly the very same, though the Commodore 64 would possibly be deemed the ideal version as it had a fantastic piece of music from Rob Hubbard.

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